Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

As we ring in a new year, I am hoping to bring a positive message of hope, to those fighting a disease or in fear of getting a disease. There is another alternative to catching or fighting off these constant attacks to our bodies: become an immortal! While I currently do not have all of the answers yet on how to become an immortal, I getting very close. My big secret to becoming an immortal was to find someone who is an immortal and to model their life. And I not only found a few of these special people, I am having conversations with one of them.

In the coming days and months, I hope to bring the secrets of an immortal to all that wish to know what I found out and apply it to their own lives. So to all, I hope and pray for all of the success and prosperity and good health that you wish for in 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

So How Did I Find a Real Life Immortal (Part 2)?

So when there is not enough information to find that missing person or suspect, what else can be done? I found, through my many life mentors, that when there is not enough information to find a missing person or track down a suspect, there are unorthodox strategies that can be employed. In this post I will explore some of these unorthodox strategies that I have successfully used to find the impossible.

1. Data Mining. Data mining is the technique of using databases of information to find and extract possible related information to put together a picture or profile to answer a question or find a person. From time to time, we hear a little bit about data mining in the news; particularly around privacy issues. However, we currently have an enormous database of public information which everyone can tap into called the Internet. We perform a simplistic form of data mining every time we use an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo. Because of the time constraints, data mining is not used when looking for a missing child or a suspect on the run, but when you do have the time, it can produce some amazing results. In my research, I used data mining to confirm information I received from other sources.

2. Anomalies. No matter how hard we try, everyone leaves a mark somewhere, especially if we have something unusual in our lives. These anomalies are what make us unique as individuals. An example of such is “Dick Clark” who for many years looked extremely young for his age. These anomalies can be found if one is looking for them. Anomalies can show up anywhere: in data mining, in talking to the “neighbors”, and in many other search techniques. In my research anomalies were very helpful to “close in” on my target person.

3. Dowsing. “Water witching” has been used successfully for years to find sources of water. Expert water witches or dowsers, have a very high success rate. Water witching or dowsing can be used to find other things as well as underground water sources. Dowsing has become a very useful tool to those who understand it, have mastered it, and have overcome the “stigma” surrounding it. Dowsing is good tool when you need a quick answer and has successfully helped those in search of a lost person. Dowsing has helped me find a few more clues in my quest to find the world’s oldest man.

4. Natural Psychics. You have heard about them. Some are really good ones out there and some are some really bad ones. The TV series "Psychic Detectives" on CourtTV and "Medium" on NBC, both of which are based on real people, illustrate what a powerful resource a natural psychic can add to an investigation. There are numerous other examples of psychics successfully helping law enforcement when all other options produce little results. However, like good quarterbacks which have their “hot” days and then have their “sour” days; a natural psychic, even a good one, have their “off” days. So a good monitor is necessary to analyze the results from these psychics to determine if the psychic is “on target” and if so, what usable information can be extracted from these useful resources. In my efforts to learn how to become a “good monitor”, I discovered an even more useful tool for my research endeavors: remote viewing.

In my next post, I will go into the adventure and experiences, that I went through learning and mastering the skill commonly referred to as remote viewing.

More Answers to Questions about Do Immortals Really Exist

How someone would manage to stay alive 2,800 years is the main reason I went looking for this man. His eyewitness accounts of 2,800 years of history turned out to be a big bonus.

I can tell you that one of this man's secrets of longevity is that he doesn't believe in death; so I would assume that suicide would not be an option. However, that is a good question, one that I had not thought of asking him.

Thanks humbaba for your post. Here is my reponse to your statements:

1."It would depend on their mental state and where they came from. If they lived in a small village their entire life they would not have much to tell.
The mind deteriates along with the body. I would be more curious about how this person lived such a long life". --- This is the main reason I went in search of such a person. I was surprised how vivid his memories would be going back so far. What I have found is his earliest memories that he can recall are thiose he has some emotional tie to.

2. "Of course. Most ancient peoples believed that those that came before them lived longer lives. That does not make it true. " --- It doesn;t make it false either. Many such legends and stroeis of the past have some basis in fact. Plus, what else do we have about our ancient history than these ancient scriptures, legends, and stories?

3. "Was there any one that could verify that what this person said was accurate? Have you done any scientific research in ageing? Or how the mind works? " --- I am n process of doing just this; hence my posting on this forum. I have found some circumstancial evidence to confirm his statements (see my post "Where's the Proof").

4. "Is that were you get your information from?" --- No, but that is where most people get thier information from. One of main reasons I now believe this man is nearly 2,800 years old is beccause I took the time and effort to research and investigate finding such a person using sources of information not normally available to most people.

5. "I would be very skeptical. How did you verify that this person is 2800 years old? Just from what you have said about him, I wouldn’t believe a word he says. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is." --- Your skepticisim is good. I am not hear to change your beliefs, just presenting the possibility that such a person does exist. He has spent his lifetime hiding his true identity. I sought him out and confronted him with what I found out using my advanced research techniques. My skepticism started to wane as more circumstantial evidence presented itself to me. Obviously you were not there so I cannot expect you to believe any of this. However, if the day ever comes when I can present everythign I found out ...

6. "OK, I read some of your blog. Here is a problem I have. You say you are an expert in physics. And yet you believed Tony Robin’s crap about walking on hot coals? You don’t know the physics behind walking on fire? It seems to me from your blog that you are not taking a very scientific approach to this old guy." --- I am an expert in Physics which is why I was very skeptical of Tony Robbins firewalks. So instead of believing what everyone else belives abotu wlaking on hot coals, I went to a Tony Robbis event, I witnessed many poeple walking barefoot on hot coals, I tested the hot coals, and then I personally did the walk on a fresh bed of coals. Nothing in my Physics can explain what I saw and experienced for myself. It i can tell you with aboslute certainy that this is not crap. So unless you are willing to actually fo go and try it for yourself, it would be intellectually dishonest to call it crap.

And this is exactly why this man has been able to live among us without detection; no one is willing to chellenge popular belief and so called "science" and investigate whether such a person could possibly exist. I am taking the scientific approach here, where science allows. But as in the case of firewalking, science cannot prove everything.

I totally agree with you that holding more than 100 years of memories seems very improbable. I certainly have difficulty remember events just 40 to 50 years ago.

However, when I interviewed the man I believe is 2,800 years old, I was surprised to find he did have memories going back thousands of years. I started my questioning of him by skipping around time and he did have great difficulty remembering certain historical events. Then, when I went back to his childhood years, his strongest memory was that of a sister whom he was quite close to. Eventually I figured out that his oldest memories were tied to some emotional event in his life. When it came to questions I had about people and events that he had no emotional ties to; he had no memory of them; but when I saw emotion in his face, he would recall some memory of the event.

As for organs, they appear to me, on the outside, to be working just fine. In fact they may be working better than those of many of my peers. However without dissecting the man, I would not be able to give any definite answers to what the true condition of his organs may be.

I can say, much to my surprise, that he still has original teeth. However, they are really, really, bad looking. I suspect that age and many years without a toothbrush have taken it's toll on his teeth. Although his diet and use of natural teeth cleaning products have helped him greatly keep his original teeth; although they have aged greatly.

As for proving someone’s age is greater than 120 years: living in an age where identity theft is so rampant, I think it would be impossible to offer indisputable proof. Still, I have found a lot of circumstantial evidence which has forced me into the believer category. I will endeavor to collect as much information as I can on this man and publish it for people to decide for themselves if such a person could possibly exist. I will post the answers to these questions and my other research on my main blog

Friday, December 28, 2007

Why am I Posting This Topic?

My goals for posting this topic on this blog are these:

(1) Present the possibility that real, physical immortals exist.

(2) Find others who may have experienced meeting similar people in their lives.

(3) Find some additional questions to ask these immortals the next time I get the chance to meet with them.

I am not stating that I am trying to change anyone's beliefs. I am certainly not presenting any hardcore evidence here; if that is even possible.

What I am doing is stating that I believe I found a 2,800 year old man and I would like some advice from those reading this blog on what types of evidence is possible from such a person; and what would be some good questions to ask him. This is to help me continue my research on this fellow to see what more I can learn from him.

I am a little perplexed at some people getting angry or somewhat hostile at the mere mention of the topic of immortality. Is it because so many people make their living off of other people's death? I was told by a few people many sectors of our society depend on people dying for their livelihood and would feel threatened by the possibility that people could live longer 150 years.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some items which I can use some help with

One of the reasons I am posting this blog is there are a few items that I could use some help with in my research of this extraordinary fellow; and I felt a blog is a great way to appeal to the public for such help.

First item I am searching for is an old photograph, taken around the late 1800's in Paris France. This picture is of a young Maria Skłodowska, the woman who would later be known as the famous Madame Curie. The picture would show here and an elderly gentleman who happens to be my immortal friend. Their are other items in the picture which I can use to authenticate the picture if one should be found. I have no connections with early French photographers and any French newspaper archives. Any help on finding such a photograph would be most appreciated.

The second item I could use help with is recommendations of who I could use to perform detailed DNA testing if and when I ever am able to obtain a sample. I do not want to be rude nor break the trust I have with this man; but I am really curious to see what such a test will show. So when the opportunity presents itself, I will try to get a saliva, stool, blood, or if all else fails, a urine sample from this man for testing.

The third item I could use help with is what additional questions I should ask this man about his 2,800 year history? I have asked him a lot of questions, but I know there are plenty more which I could ask him. I will log all of his answers for further discussions.

Where's the Proof?

I am often asked "What proof do I have that such a person exists"? Right now I have come to this forum to present the question of "what if" such a person really exists, and if so that immortals do exist, what questions should I ask such a person about historical events. In other words I am giving opening arguments for the case of immortality; and not giving a full case for such in 1,000 words or less. If I handed you a smoking gun without any context would you convict anyone of a crime? Of course not; because even absolute proof requires context to substantiate it.

I am not presenting evidence here because I fell that this is not the format to present physical evidence and even if I could, I know it will not be enough. And I am not here to ask you to believe in anything; I am simply asking for your advice on what facts are important and how to present them as I collect them about this unique man. As time permits, I am blogging some of my findings here or my other blog I feel it will take me many days to present all that needs to be presented; but since I know most people like the 5 minute, sound clip, answers, I will do my best to summarize where I am in my research so far.

1. I found and approached "him" using advanced research techniques. These techniques are what some people and a few of our government agencies use to find suspects and missing persons today. It would take days to go into the details on which exact technique I used and how I use them, so for brevity sake may I say I used anomalies as "clues" to create a profile to track down my "target" suspect (i.e. a 65 year old man with a 70 year old son).

2. None of these clues by themselves are absolute evidence of anything, but put together they form a profile of someone who is older than 120 years. I found several people (at least 5) that were older than 120 years using these techniques and from this profiling, the man in Mediterranean Sea area appeared to me to be the oldest. 3. After several years on approaching him and speaking with him, I was able to gain his trust enough for him to describe his past and his experiences. From this I gained a lot of data to check out using more of my research tools to verify. This includes historical events; several that are unwritten. A particular historical item that has caught my attention is his first photograph taken with the famous Madame Curie. I have not found this photograph yet because I have had difficulty locating old French photographs from that era. I am asking for help, including for those in this forum, for finding such a photograph because it supposedly shows him just as he appears today. Again, not absolute proof, but if such a picture exists, it would certainly raise many eyebrows if compared with a photograph of him today.

I have also checked to see if he had any antiques from years past. One such item is a 2,500 year old "coin" which he still possesses. From my research it appears to me to be a legitimate "coin" from 2,500 years ago. Again, still not absolute proof, but what are the chances that someone you picked at random would have a "coin" that resembles other known 2,500 year old "coins"?

I have asked him to speak in his native tongue; which is an ancient form of Aramaic. I am not an expert in Aramaic, but it does sound like Aramaic to me. I am in the process of trying to find an expert in the ancient versions of Aramaic. Again this is not absolute proof of anything; but what are the chances of picking a person at random who can speak and in an ancient Aramaic tongue; especially when there are only a handful of people in the world who can speak and understand it today?

Again, there is no absolute, positive proof here, but the preponderance of circumstantial evidence is growing every day. So I am also asking everyone for questions that I should ask this incredible man about his past. Even if I cannot prove his true age, I certainly can present his eyewitness observations of the birth of our western civilization.

Monday, December 24, 2007

How Can Anyone Believe That a 2,800 Man Really Exists ?

I received a question on one of my forums today. Let me try to paraphrase it for everyone: "Who in their right mind would believe … that anyone could live as much as 2,800 years".

Here is one of many answers to that question:

... This is similar to what I told a friend of mine about walking barefoot over a hot bed of coals. That was until her and I went to a Tony Robbins seminar and where we both walked several feet over a bed of very fresh, hot coals. Now I have to believe it is possible to walk barefoot on hot coals. Not just because I saw people walking barefoot, safely, over a hot bed of coals; but because I DID IT!

Now, no one can ever change my mind that walking barefoot on hot coals is possible. Whenever I hear someone say that it is impossible to do so, I simply invite them to find a Tony Robbins event and try it themselves. If they give me some lame excuse not to even try and investigate this simple truth; then I know the real impossibility is convince them of anything. I am not connected with the Tony Robbins organization in any way; but my fire walk with him surely opened my eyes to an even bigger reality.

... Thus is similar to what many told President John F. Kennedy when he told the world, Americans would safely land a man on the moon and bring him back safely. Can anyone of you remember about how America was laughed at for even conceiving the thought of going to the moon? That was until we all heard those famous words “One small step for man … One giant step for mankind”.

... That is similar to what many told the Wright brothers when they were building their first airplane. There were a lot of naysayers back then. If they didn't believe man could fly, I wonder what they all thought about man going to the moon?

... That is similar to what many told Christopher Columbus about crossing the Atlantic and discovering America. Ok, so Columbus was not the first to reach America; but back in his time, many thought he was nuts to sail West. Ever hear of the "flat earth people"? They ruled the world back then.

... That is similar to what many told Christ, including his Apostles, when he said he was going to die and rise again in 3 days. Since it is the eve of when we celebrate Christ's birth, I just had to add this to the list. After all, he was constantly surrounded by as many naysayers as he had followers. Still, he proved many of them wrong; didn't he?

...Need I say anymore?

The truth is I wanted to know the truth and not what others believe is the truth; so I found the means to find a person over 150 years living today. And I found more than one. Well people will always say that it is nuts to believe anyone could live past 150 years; I have to believe. I have met these people and they really exist in my reality. So I invite you all to listen to my experiences and their stories and judge for yourself or do your own research. If you prefer to do neither, then there lies the real impossibility.

If you want to find out more of my research, check out my other blog at

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Before I continue with my discussion about how I found an immortal, I need to digress about 2 new articles that I recently found on the subject of "Who Wants to Live Forever".

The first article is from the Wired magazine titled: Who Wants to Live Forever. This article describes the type of people who really do want to live forever including those who attend the "Extreme Life Extension Conference" every other year. These people, known as "immortality advocates", eagerly absorbed the latest in the science and philosophy behind the quest for immortality. To many of them getting old is more of a disease than part of life; and once a cure is found, immortality will become a reality.

The second article that caught my interest today is from the website titled: The man who wants to live forever. It describes scientist Aubrey de Grey who believes that a 60-year-old alive today may become the first 1,000-year-old human (he doesn't know yet that 1,000 humans already exist). de Grey, whose field of study is called "biogerontology", then goes on to describe the philosophical debate on living beyond 100 years. De Grey firmly believes that immortality will be the result of scientific discovery. However, if immortals already exist, how did they become immortals without the modern science?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I found an interesting blog today ...

Looks like I am not the only one who wondered if immortals lived among us; and perhaps still do live even today.

Here is the link to this interesting blog here:

I will search for such blogs to add their questions to my blog; as well as the answers that I find in my discussions with the immortal that I have met.

Perhaps together we can find out the secrets of becoming immortal.

Another interesting website that I found concerning physical immortality is which offers another insight into physical immortality.

Monday, December 17, 2007

So How Did I Find a Real Life Immortal?

That is a big question; without a simple answer. Especially because, as I have stated before, most of these immortals do not want to be found. So how did I find someone; whom society believes does not exist, is not listed anywhere as an immortal, and does not what to be found?

For obvious reasons, I cannot give you the exact step-by-step process that I used to track down this 2,800 year man without betraying his trust. But I can do, is give out the strategies that I used to find, and make contact with this man. It just so happens that these same strategies are helpful in tracking down much more that mere immortals; but can used for tracking down missing persons and criminal suspects.

And that is how this blog post will begin. Imagine you are in charge of a team of people trying to find a missing person or a suspect in a crime. If you have the means to use any conventional techniques that are available today and did so; your success rate should be, and could be, and in many cases is very high. However, in today’s society there are so many rules and regulations that some techniques are just off the table. And then we have what I call the EGO Factor to deal with. That is some people would rather NOT be successful in their search than use a technique that their belief system, or more accurately their ego, cannot deal with. So the question is: is the goal of finding this missing person or suspect important enough to you, to even evaluate all the techniques that are currently available to use?

What I am getting to is there are, what I call, orthodox ways and then there are unorthodox ways of finding a missing person or suspect. By orthodox ways of finding a missing person or suspect, I am referring to the common, well known techniques used by law enforcement and by any private investigators. Such techniques included interviewing anyone involved with the missing person or suspect, forensic evidence collected at the location(s) or vehicle(s) used by the missing person or suspect, etc.. This evidence often times provides a list of clues as to the whereabouts of the missing person or suspect. There are countless number of TV shows and movies that can demonstrate how this is done and how these missing persons or suspects are found. The “CSI” & “Bones” TV series are the most recent TV shows that come to mind that demonstrate these conventional, orthodox, techniques. However, there are times when the clues available are too few to follow or in some cases do not even exist at all. It is these cases where law enforcement usually fails to find any success. Often they will appeal for help to the general public or offer a reward for obtaining some additional clues. These desperate attempts often result in many false leads that eat up limited resources with unfavorable results. Still I have to admit getting a case on “America’s Most Wanted” TV show has produced more positive results than one would expect; but still the odds of using TV shows to find a missing persons are not encouraging.

In my occupation, I am required sometimes to track down a suspect who has committed some kind of fraud against one of the financial institutions that I am working for. In such cases, I too have to start with whatever forensic information that I can gather and then proceed to gather additional information that I can obtain using known, orthodox strategies. Part of the time, this is enough. In a few case, this is not.

So when there is not enough information to find that missing person or suspect, what else can be done? I found, through my many life mentors, that when there is not enough information to find a missing person or track down a suspect, there are unorthodox strategies that can be employed. In my next post I will talk more these techniques; and my experiences in how successful they are in closing open cases.