Friday, February 29, 2008

Fox Network to Release the "New Amsterdam" TV Show Next Week

The Fox network is scheduled to release its new TV series about immortality; called "New Amsterdam". This new story about a fictional immortal stars Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as John Amsterdam, an immortal who works as a New York City homicide detective. It seems that on John's first trip to 1600's New York, he was turned into into an immortal by a Native American woman, who cast a spell on him.

As interesting as this tale about a fictional immortal is; it does not compare to the nonfictional story of the real immortal I have been writing about. I now have a website up at: that details 2,800 years of memories from this living, breathing immortal. The new book is titled "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History". On the website I now have the tentative Table of Contents for this new book.

Check it out when you get a chance and compare it to the new fictional TV Show next week on Fox.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Summary of the Facts - My Story About Finding a Real Immortal

First of all, I am not associated in any way with any movie or publicity company. Yes I have seen the Highlander movies and the Highlander TV series along with the Indiana Jones movies; and now I have just seen the movie Jerome Bixby’s “The Man From Earth”. Here is my summary of facts about discovering immortality and a real life immortal living among us.

I first found out about immortality in the early 1970’s in a Bible study class. Yes, there are many references to spiritual immortality in the Bible; however there are also references to physical immortality along with people living hundreds of years. Still, whenever I brought up the subject in my Bible study class and attempted to discuss this with the family priest and minister (we had both); I was strongly discouraged to discuss physical immortality.

Fast forward to the 1997 when I learned about technical remote viewing. One of the first targets I just had to remote view was my own death. I have this firm belief that we all have the right to change our future, and I wanted to know what was in store for me. I “viewed” my own death in May of 2012 and I did not like what I saw. So I began a campaign to change my future life. Around that time I was given the infamous tape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” which convinced me to look for someone with real experience in living a long, healthier life. Soon I was off looking for the oldest person alive. What I eventually found was quite startling.

I believe that I found about 25 men over the age of 250 years old that are still alive today. None of these “immortals”, however, were woman, even though I fully expected to find more women outliving men. I am guessing, in a humorous way, that this is because these 25 men are just too stubborn to die. Most of these 25 men live in the central to eastern Asia area with Tibet, Nepal, and India areas having the most of them. The oldest woman I could find was about 150 years old living in India. None of these ancients lived in the Western Hemisphere; however I did find some information that there is a 150 year old Native American who is still alive today.

I further targeted the oldest of these special people and I did find 2 men, of approximately the same age living near the Mediterranean Sea. So I used my advanced researching skills to locate and finally make contact with them. One of them would not speak with me, the other reluctantly did. I have since found out that both of these men were former Old Testament prophets.

My quest to locate and meet this living immortal was to find out how he lived, and if possible, figure out how he could survive generations longer than the average human. My intentions were to find out this information for my own personal use and not release it to the public. However, as this man began to open up about his past, I soon realized it would be a crime against humanity to not tell his story to the world.

As I thought more about telling this man’s story, I realized that I could never prove this man’s real age since no certifiable documentation existed. Nor could I prove anything scientifically about this man’s real age, except for maybe a DNA test. I was not going to be rude in obtaining a DNA sample, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would take whatever body fluids that I could collect and pass them on to a qualified lab to test it. However since no one has ever performed any DNA testing on a living person over 120 years that I am aware of, I question if such a test would truly prove anything. Still I am very curious to see what such a test would show so I will endeavor to collect a sample whenever I get the chance. And I will post these results on my blog.

My next dilemma was how to release this information. Even though I have written many technical papers for my business, I have never written any kind of book or novel before. So to me writing any kind of book would be a waste of time. No one would be believe the story I had to tell, especially if I had no way to prove any of the assertions I would be making. Besides to me writing a book is like getting a root canal; so I put the book idea aside. So I took to telling this story, a bit at a time on various writing blogs and forums. As I reviewed my notes for my next blog, I started noticing that there was a lot of circumstantial evidence within this man’s story. Not enough to absolutely prove anything, but enough to make this story more plausible. At the same time I started getting more and more requests to tell the whole story as quickly as possible.

Eventually I got the message to start writing this man’s story, one book at a time. So I have hired a book coach, taken several writing classes, and hired a webmaster. When I started putting together my notes to write a book, I soon realized I had to break up what I had into 4 books. The first book will briefly describe how I found this immortal and then I will describe some of his more priceless memories. The second book will focus on this man’s Old Testament experiences. The third book will be about this man’s New Testament experiences. And the fourth book will be about his secrets of how he became an immortal. For very reasons, this man has not given me permission to talk about his Old Testament or New Testament experiences. Since I know who this man really is and there is not enough money on this planet to make me disrespect him or betray his trust; please do not ask me any questions about these 2 topics. However, I am a very persistent man and I personally feel this information needs to be brought out. So I will continue to persevere to obtain his permission to reveal his Old Testament name(s) and tell his incredible New Testament experience. And as soon as I do get his permission I will publish book 2 and 3. As for book number 4: I still need some more research to complete this book.

Right now I am settling on for the title of the first book: as “Secrets of an Immortal – The Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”. It will be a nonfiction book about the selective memories this man has about traveling aboard a Phoenician ship to meet Emperor Qin Shi Huang of Ancient China; being an ancient Mediterranean merchant, serving in the Greek Army in B.C. Eturaci or Euturcia, Italy; serving as a Knights Templar banker at a garrison in Avila near Toledo, Spain; creating ancient golf courses near Edinburgh, Scotland; building a very unique clock tower with a young Leonardo da Vinci; and a brief romance with Maria Sklodowska aka Madame Curie. This first book will also describe his brief business dealings this man had with several ancient kings of Judah and Israel, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Pope Paul I, Genghis Khan, Peter the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte. I will also discuss several of his observations of history, people, events, and some ancient juicy rumors. I will end this book about what he remembers about growing up near Damascus, Jordon nearly 2,800 years ago.

The second book will discuss his memories of a few other Biblical prophets he crossed paths with. However the bulk of the book will detail what really happened in the 2 books of the Old Testament, Torah, and Koran that he is the main character of. Again, please do not ask me his Biblical names as I do not have permission to do so, yet.

The third book will focus on this amazing man’s 6 year friendship with the man commonly known as Jesus Christ. This book, will detail a few of the events described in our New Testament along with a lot of detail about events not described in the New Testament. This includes his frequent visits to Christ’s home. Relax my Christian brothers and sisters, there will not be anything in this book that disproves the New Testament; however there will be some information that disproves some of the “myths” of Christ’s life that are not found in the New Testament. Again please do not ask me for any details about this book yet until I have full permission to do so. This immortal saw the controversies surrounding the movies “The Passion of Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code”. And even though he has not seen either movie, he has no taste for creating another controversy. Yet, I feel passionate about beginning this part of this man’s life out to the world, so I will be as persuasive as I can to get his permission to do so.

The fourth book is what this whole story is all about. What did a man do and continues to do, to survive generations of time. This information is priceless yet I will be offering it all for the price of a book. I have found a lot of information that confirms what I have learned from this immortal and I am continuing to research his secrets of longevity even more. I just have too much on plate to get this book out first; so I am leaving it for last. In my blogs I have already dropped a few hints from my findings; however there is a lot more to tell.

I have decided that I will now focus on getting this first book out, so I will be limiting my blog posts for awhile. I have set up a newsletter signup for people who would like to review various portions of these books which I could use some more feedback on. I will be revealing more tidbits in this newsletter, if that is of interest to any of you.

My webmaster insisted that I purchase a domain name for every possible book title I might use someday. Since I did not want to waste all of these domain names, I am having them point to my main blogs. Eventually I will be using these individual domains for different projects related to this man’s life and my experiences with him

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope and pray you will all enjoy the fruits of my labor. Blessings!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Just Watched "The Man from Earth" Movie

Upon the insistence of several of the posters to my blogs and forums, especially this one, I went ahead and ordered the DVD of The Man From Earth. And as I was watching this movie, I was astonished at how many parallels this movie had with the story I had been telling on my blogs and forums. I was equally amazed at all of the reactions the "friends" were having as they were hearing the story from someone they knew and greatly respected.

In case you have not heard about this movie, let me give you a quick description. It is about a professor who, at his going away party, reveals that he is really a 14,000 year old immortal. Then to the total disbelief of his friends, he describes events he witnessed throughout his 14,000 year life.

I have been telling a story about meeting an immortal who is nearly 2,800 years old. Just as there are many similarities between my story and this fictional movie, there are equally as many differences between the two.

I am not going into the differences here; however after reading the many comments to my blogs; especially this one, I am going to post a better "Summary of the Facts" concerning my 2,800 year old friend. Stay Tuned for this post.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Telomeres, Found at the Ends of DNA, Hold the Secret to Immortality?

Molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn's groundbreaking work on telomeric DNA, which launched the field of telomere research: the emergence of a new field of scientific research on the specialized ends of chromosomes and the telomerase enzyme that extends them.

"The surrounding hype succeeded in confusing the role of telemorase in extending the life of a cell with a mechanism that might extend the lifespan of an entire organism."

I have been told this is where I should look for scientific evidence to prove a 2,800 year old man is truly immortal. However, I wonder, if controlling one own telomerase is part of the secret of achieving immortality. From what I can tell, testing the DNA of this living eternal may not prove anything. But like most of you, my curiosity as to what is in his DNA will drive me to getting it tested.

It may take some time to get this DNA sample to the right people for testing, so stay tuned for the day when I can release the results.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Was Dr. Royal Rife ... Right?

I about fell off my chair when I heard about this recent "discovery" of shaking a virus using "frequencies" to destroy the virus within the body.

This sure sounds like the work of Dr. Royal Rife who discovered the use of radio frequencies to kill a specific virus or bacteria within the human body without damaging healthy cells. I guess the Rife patents must be expiring or something.

I wonder if it is possible to to destroy viruses and baterica using pure meditation? I have heard it has been done; sometimes intentionally and sometimes with prayer. I am starting to believe that real immortals have somehow figured this out.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Discovering the Secrets of Longevity - Two Scientists are Finding Answers

Two prominent scientists in the fields of anti-aging and human longevity, Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia S. Gavrilova, are finding answers into the science of life extension. Both research scientists are part of the Center on Aging department of the NORC/University of Chicago.

From their website:

"We believe that the prospects for life extension depend on our own behavior by the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Numerous studies demonstrate that many manifestations of aging can be postponed or even reversed, and that lifespan can be significantly extended in experimental animals. Moreover, our own studies found remarkable plasticity of human longevity, and suggest that there may be a significant potential for further extension of human lifespan."

It looks to me from Drs. Gavrilovs' work that they are using extensive research and DNA findings to theorize the probability that humans will extend their lifespan in the future. They are also scientists that add more scientific evidence of the possibility that immortality is possible.

The Gavrilovs' extensive book on their findings is titled: Biology of Life Span: A Quantitative Approach.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

There is No Doubt That There are Anomalies That Classical Science Can Not Explain

"There is no doubt in my mind that there are anomalies, there are things, that are labeled paranormal, that classical science does not have a good explanation for."

This great quote is from a scientists and serious skeptic by the name of Dr. Robert M Schoch. Dr, Schoch is a full-time faculty member at the college of General Studies at Boston University. Dr. Schoch has earned his PhD in geology and geophysics from Yale University. He has an extensive reputation as a scientist who investigates paranormal events as well as ancient cultural monuments from the skeptical point of view. His more recent book which he discusses many of his findings is titled The Parapsychology Revolution".

The point of quoting Dr. Schoch, is how a fellow skeptical scientist is finding out scientifically, what I have found out through my research, about anomalies that science can not explain satisfactorily. Yes I know there have been many attempts to explain phenomena using swamp gas or mass hallucination as the explanation. But for me, and in my research, either explanation is so disingenuous that it borders on delusional. On the hand, Dr. Schoch, like myself, enjoys the critical discussion on what facts do exists and what rational explanations can be made based on those facts.

So to those of you who subscribe to critical thinking and are open to the possibility that answers exist outside of classical science; to these brave souls that are ready to bust a myth or two: I say "Welcome"!

And to those of you who are practice pseudoskepticism, who refuse to believe that something might exist outside of your "box" or view of the world: I say, move on; for there is nothing here for you.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Quest for Immortality - One Scientist's Views

Want To Live 500 Years or More?

Dr. Aubrey de Grey says it is possible.

From a recent news story on CBS News:

While most scientists talk about increasing longevity by a few years, de Grey says he is talking about the "indefinite extension of longevity."

"Average life spans would be in the region of 1,000 years," he says. "Seriously."

De Grey believes he has unlocked the mysteries of immortality.

"The aging process is really a buildup of side effects of being alive in the first place," he says.

De Grey has identified the biological processes he thinks are responsible for aging, including the mutations that cause cancer and the gradual buildup of useless, toxic junk.

Dr. De Grey has become a leading scientist on the scientific quest for immortality. He is discovering answers, using science, to unlock the secrets of immortality and how immortals could exist today. Dr. De Grey has published a book on his findings titled "Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime".

I intend to keep posting Dr. Grey's findings as I uncover them, from time to time.