Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fox's "New Amsterdam" TV Series Status Unclear

The Fox TV Network treated us to 8 episodes of its new TV series "New Amsterdam". This TV show depicted a fictional 300 plus year old immortal who goes by the name of "John Amsterdam". This fictional man became an immortal because of an "ancient spell" cast on him by a Native American girl he rescued during the time when New York City was a Dutch colony known as "New Amsterdam". This fictional immortal spends his life witnessing the birth of New York City and in the present time spends his time and experiencing working as a New York City police detective.

Although this TV series does have a hint of the more famous TV series "The Highlander", there is no swordplay nor decapitating heads. In this new TV series, there is only one immortal and his demons are on the inside and not so much on the outside.

One interesting item that I can relate from this TV series to real life immortals that I am aware is how others deal with the improbability of living past 120 years without showing one's age. In the TV series, people that John Amsterdam meets have great difficulty in believing that anyone can be an immortal, much less live past 150 years. Mr. Amsterdam also has elderly children and grandchildren that appear older than he does. I too have seen a son that appears the same age and possibility older than his father does.

Right now, Fox has stopped showing the "New Amsterdam" TV Series after just 8 episodes; and its fate is currently unclear. Whether Fox does bring "New Amsterdam" back or not, it was a very entertaining look at an immortal's life.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Achieving Immortality Channel Debuts on Yaktivate Internet Radio

Introduction of new podcast show on -- The Achieving Immortality Channel for those who would seek to learn the secrets of immortality from those who have already found it.

Summerlin, Nevada (Press Release) April 17, 2008 -- Would you like to extend your quality of life? Would you like to live 150 years or more? If you could live longer, would you? The Achieving Immortality podcast channel is a place to learn the secrets of immortality from scientists of our age, philosophers of our past, and, on occasion, from real life “immortals” who have lived past 150 years. The Achieving Immortality channel is the creation of Ben Abba, the author of the forthcoming new book: “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”. This book will reveal for the first time that real immortals are living among us today; and they have much to teach us about human longevity, about world history, and about ourselves.

In the debut show, guest host Benjamin Grundy of, presents an article by Ben Abba titled “When Fact is Stranger Than Fiction”, followed by a comments from reader to Ben Abba’s blog. Next this podcast will discuss a couple of articles about achieving immortality through science. The first article by David Smith is titled “2050 and Immortality is Within Our Grasp” which will be followed by Gary Vey’s article: “Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality?” . Mr. Grundy then wraps up Episode One with an update on Ben Abba’s project to bring the secrets of achieving immortality to the world.

Each extraordinary episode on will reveal another secret of extending our lives from those who are researching anti-aging and from supercentenarians who have already beaten the odds. is a podcast network that features podcast shows on channels that reflect a wide range of topics -- from golf to business strategies to twenty-somethings and beyond. Yaktivate.comis always on the lookout for new podcasting talent and businesses that are seeking an effective and cost-effective way to reach their niche marketing audience.

For more information about Ben Abba, please visit his main blog at For more information on Ben Abba’s books, please visit

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pay It Forward

I am a big fan of the movie "Pay It Forward". I believe if everyone would give or do something extra to just 3 strangers before receiving anything from them, our world would totally change in a very positive way.

In February of this year I found a very interesting blog by Serena Art and Design that was promoting "Pay It Forward" throughout the blogsphere and I agreed to participate. Well I got really busy trying to get my new book ready for the editors and time slipped by me faster than I realized. So today is the day that I will attempt to pay this gift forward.

So here is the deal: I will offer a copy of my new book, "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History" in eBook format, to the first 3 people who do the following:

1. Leave a comment on my blog requesting to join in on my "Pay It Forward" exchange.

2. The 3 people chosen must then post on their own blogs promising 3 different people an act of kindness gift. Because this is a blogsphere "Pay It Forward" program, you must have your own blog to participate in this exchange.

3. I will then notify each of the 3 people that they have been chosen and they will then need to email me so that I can email back my "Pay It Forward" gift to them.

4. Right now it is looking like my eBook is still about 2 months away before the final edit will be complete, so I will send a certificate for a free copy of this eBook as soon as the 3 people who have agreed to the Pay It Forward exchange post their Pay It Forward offers onto their blogs.

In the spirit of the original blogger, I am requesting that the gifts that you offer are gifts that you have created yourself in some fashion.

Good luck and of course Pay It Forward!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Barbara Walters Presents "Live to 150 ... Can You Do It?"

Tuesday night, ABC News presented Live to 150, Can You Do It? - Secrets to Living Longer with Barbara Walters.

I watched the show Tuesday night and I enjoyed it. However I was a little disappointed that they did not talk about anyone who had already lived past 150 years, such as Li Ching Yun, who died in 1933 at the age of 256 years.

In the show, they brought up a couple of interesting secrets to extending our lives. One segment in the show described how a phytoalexin called resveratrol found in red wine which is believed to extend people's lifespans.

In another segment of the show, they discussed people who practiced "Calorie Restrictive" diets. There is some evidence that this too can extend our quality of life.

My intentions for researching supercentenarians was to find out how these amazing people survive for so many years. I fully believed that if we could model the lifestyle of these supercentenarians, we too could live a much longer and healthier life style.

What I did find in my research was that all of them drank an average of one glass of red wine per day, none of the them were 100% vegitarians, and all of them ate a calorie restrictive diets.

Perhaps, we are heading in the same direction with our research; with the only difference being that we are taking totally different paths in getting to the real "Fountain of Youth".