Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ageing May "Die Out" One Day

From the Economic Times:

"The research for which three American scientists have been awarded the Nobel prize in medicine on the so-called “immortality enzyme” which helps
cells multiply without damage, has huge implications for the future of humankind."

Their work is centered around preventing the part of the cell called the "telomere" from becoming so small that the cell can no longer make new cells. This is what many scientists believe causes aging in the cells, which in turn causes aging within our bodies.

However, in my opinion, this is only a theory since no one has tested the telomeres on anyone over 120 years.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aging Younger Radio Show to Interview Ben Abba About Living Immortals

"The century mark in birthdays has always been a cause for notice in our society. Willard Scott announcing on the NBC’s Today Show, families having lavish parties for their centurion loved one and a fact checkers always looking for the oldest living human among us. Now according to Wikipedia the longest documented lifespan is that of Jean Calmet of France. She was from 1875 to 1997 which means she died at the age of 122 years and 164 days but is that truly the case? Ben Abba is here to tell us differently. He claims that there are people walking among us today that have reached well beyond, and I am talking WELL BEYOND that number"

The interview starts at 6PM EDT on Wednesday, October 14th on the Aging Younger Radio Show. The interview and online chat can be found at

The Aging Younger Radio Show is on every Wednesday at 6PM EDT and the creation of David and Stephanie Tibbie, founders of the The Anti-Aging Clinic of Lauderhill, Florida. David is an Endermologist and a medical researcher. Stephanie has a medical background and is a medical researcher as well. Both David and Stephanie have devoted 25 years of their research of the latest developments, science, and therapies; including all modalities of Anti-Aging therapies.

Ben Abba, author of the new book: ““Wake Up! Live the Life You Love - Wake Up Moments of Inspiration” and the forth coming book: “Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”. For more information on Ben Abba check out his main blog at .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Majority of Babies will Live to 100

How will they accomplish this?

From a recent article in "US News & World Report" by Deborah Kotz :

"Today, centenarian birthdays are still special enough to be announced by the Today show's Willard Scott. But they may not be by the next generation."


"According to their analysis of data from more than 30 developed countries, death rates are dropping among people over 80. And three quarters of babies born in these nations over the past decade can expect to live to 75. The researchers also hypothesized that we can live longer by extending our working lives and shortening our work weeks—say, by making a four-day workweek the norm."


" has revealed that centenarians tend to share certain traits in how they eat, move about, and deal with stress—specific habits, like flossing and socializing with friends, that we can adopt to help slow aging."

It appears that science is slowing discovering what we are finding out from the super-centenarians we have been researching.

A special thanks to Elf for this article.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Interesting Response from Knights of Awareness radio show

I received this interesting note following my appearance on the Knights of Awareness radio show and thought is was well worth sharing. It is from "Setanaoko" and I do have her permission to post it here:

"Shojan" seems to have a great talent for accessing the Akashic Record (some may call it the Arcane University) to pick out his memories. 2800 years is a lot of memory to retain. I have difficultly pulling my memories from only a couple of weeks ago. Somethings are more vivid than others, but those are of borderline traumatic events. :/

Logging things away in a file-as Sherlock Holmes did- on a plane that is not in the here and now is quite an impressive feat.

Surely you cannot hold it against me that I say I am skeptical. HOWEVER, I am more than willing to admit you have convinced me of the possibility with this segment and your interview with David and Justin on Knights Of Awareness.

I remember you saying on the show that you wanted to get his permission to talk about Jesus Christ, and you were going to make it a point to try and receive that permission. I'm not sure if you were watching what I was saying in the chatroom to some of the other listeners. They pointed out that you "conveniently" could not disclose certain information. I believe-if he is truly the age he claims-that rather than believing the world is not ready to hear what he has to say, he is not SUPPOSE to tell the world what he knows.

Regardless of what you believe, it is not deniable that the Bible has predicted elements of the future with a degree of accuracy. If we are to pretend that we believe in the "end times" (which I do, but not everyone does), then we have to acknowledge the possibility of the "two witnesses" coming forth to spread the word. If "Shojan" truly is 2800 years old, it would be my suspicion that he is one of the two witnesses (which are attributed to being Enoch and Elijah, though it COULD be someone else entirely) mentioned.

What this tells me, is that he doesn't "FEEL" that people are not ready to hear the truth, as much as he "KNOWS" they aren't suppose to hear the truth. However, wisdom tells us that he must use the term "feel", otherwise the truth will be revealed to you.

There is a reason you are not allowed to tell us certain elements, and why-perhaps- he has not disclosed those elements to you. It goes beyond simple wisdom. It is something relayed to him through- what the Jedi Community calls- "the Force" by the Divine.

Here, in the chapter you sent me, it appears as though he was looking to travel forward into time, rather than backwards. After all, he had seen history, so history is not where he needed to be. However, to move forward in time, it would speed up his destiny.

It is because of this chapter, I rule out that he is Enoch. Enoch was given the knowledge of all things in the universe-time included. It does not, however, rule out Elijah. There is nothing saying that Elijah was not returned to Earth. And there is nothing that says-or does not say- he learned about the mysterious of heaven. Both the stories of time here on Earth and those mysterious revealed to Enoch are needed to establish credibility to their witness.

Your book is a documentation that begins the proof of "Shojan's" existence as a man who has been alive for quite some time. ...

There is a greater purpose for why he will not release permission for you to reveal it, and I honestly believe that it is because he is under a sort of "strict orders" not to reveal it until the Holy Spirit reveals the time to him.


I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the enthusiasm that pours from your soul as you wrote it. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ben Abba will Continue the Discussion on Immortality with the Knights Of Awakening on Oct 4th

The "Knights of Awakening" Radio Show found on the Blog Talk Radio network; will continue the discussion on the secrets of immortality by those who have found it, with guest Ben Abba, this Sunday, October 4th at 4PM EDT. You can listen live to the radio show at:

The Knights of Awakening show is about helping others find their way, finding their own paths, getting to where they want to be. They offer a casual, fun, sharing, and learning environment through interaction with their guests and listeners alike.

Ben Abba is the co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer of the best selling book "Wake Up Moments of Inspiration" and the forthcoming book "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History". Both books are available at

Tune in for what should be a very informative and stimulating conversation.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scientists Find Path to Fountain of Youth

In a recent article on was this interesting tidbit:

"The fountain of youth may exist after all, as a study showed that scientists have discovered means to extend the lifespan of mice and primates.

The key to eternal -- or at least prolonged -- youth lies in genetic manipulation that mimics the health benefits of reducing calorie intake, suggesting that aging and age-related diseases can be treated."


"Scientists have shown since the 1930s that reducing the calorie intake by 30 percent for rats, mice and -- in a more recent finding -- primates can extend their lifespan by 40 percent and have health benefits."

This reminds me of the discussion on the Barbara Walters special "How to Live to 150" where a group called the "CRDs" aka "Calorie Restriction Dieters" whose believe that reducing their food intake greatly extends their lives. I fully believe this is part of my 2,800 year old friend's secret to his longevity.

Besides, eating less food, especially fully loaded fast-food hamburgers, does save money :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Could We Use Our iPods to Cure Diseases and Possibly Extend Our Lives?

I personally know how music can affect my mood, my energy level, and my life. I choose certain music to wake me up, other music to energize me, still other music to reflect on my past, even more selections that will put me into a state of love, and finally other tracks I use to relax and remove the stress of my busy day.

And I have heard the stories about music, such as Gregorian Chants, which have actually healed people of various maladies.

For a while now I have heard of the research by pioneers such as Dr. Len Horowitz who have found interesting results from certain frequencies. On such frequency, 528 Hz, is known as the "natural Mi" frequency of the Do-Re-Mi scale. Some people refer to this natural Mi tone as part of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies.

For an example of a pure 528 Hz tone sounds, click on this link:

For an example of the 528 Hz tone mixed into a pleasant sounding melody for mediating with or for background music.

For more information on the ancient Solfeggio frequencies can be found here:

So what does all of this mean?

What if, you could put these tones into an iPod and played them in the background while you worked, played around the house, or even while you slept. And what if, by playing these frequencies daily, your body became healthier, your life more peaceful, and you experienced more miracles in our life. Perhaps even a miracle such as extending our lives and possibly achieving immortality? What if?

Listening to peaceful music such as this never hurt anyone. So why not give it a try?

Ben Abba will be on Awaken to Your Real Self Radio Show tonight

The "Awaken to Your Real Self" Radio Show found on the Talk Show radio network and hosted by Dipali Desai; will discuss the secrets of immortality by those who have found it, with guest Ben Abba, this Thursday, October 1st at 7:45PM EDT. You can listen live to the radio show at:

The "Awaken to Your Real Self" radio show is an insight to into your self, life, spirituality, relationships, energy, wellness/ health & success with internationally recognized spiritual teacher, facilitator, astrologer, intuitive and author Dipali Desai. After the topic chat, you'll have an opportunity to call in and ask questions with the host and guest.

Ben Abba is the co-author with Dr. Wayne Dyer of the best selling book "Wake Up Moments of Inspiration" and the forthcoming book "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History". Both books are available at

Tune in for what should be a very enlightening and informative conversation.