Monday, December 27, 2010

Nation's Oldest Boy Scout (108 Years Old) Laid to Rest in Susquehanna, PA

From a recent article:

"Ira Reynolds, who joined the Boy Scout movement in 1914, when it was just 4 years old, was "


" The 108-year-old Reynolds was the nation's oldest Boy Scout when he died Nov. 13, 2010."


"Reynolds joined Troop 1 Black Bear Patrol in Dorranceton in 1914 and "


" He achieved the rank of Tenderfoot Scout on July 24, 1915, and then Second Class on Nov. 19 of that year. He became a First Class Scout on Oct. 18, 1916."

Another interesting man, who defied the odds, has moved on. However, he obviously left the world a little better place than when he entered it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Radio Interview at 6PM EST on the Liara Covert Radio Show

I will be interviewed today at 6PM EST on the Liara Covert Radio Show on the BlogTalkRadio network.

We are planning to discuss a variety of new topics today.

It should be interesting.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remote Viewing - Remote Sending Update

I was honored last night with another interview with Rob McConnell of the X-Zone Nation.

Rob gave me a chance to talk a little bit about my experiences learning how to remote viewing and remote sending from a variety of teachers starting with Major Ed Dames.

I also reminisce about how I remote viewed and then met and became friends with Robert Ghost Wolf.

You can hear the full interview here:
The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 Year Old Survives After a 7 Floor Fall

Yahoo News recently had an interesting news story about an 18 month old boy who survived, unharmed, after falling from a balcony 7 floors off the ground; after bouncing off a Paris cafe awning into the arms of a passer-by.

"My son saw a little boy on a balcony. He had gone right outside the railing... I said to myself I mustn't miss him," the toddler's saviour, local doctor Philippe Bensignor, told AFP, recounting Monday's drama.

The chances of surviving the fall, or even falling into an awning then into a stranger's arms is astronomical. Obviously, this little boy had some serious luck, or should I say, spiritual protection, that day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview With "The Complete Teacher" - Dr. Robert Rose - Update

I am scheduled for a long overdue interview with "The Complete Teacher Radio Show" with Dr. Robert Rose at 9AM PST on Thursday, December 2nd. I will be sharing show interesting updates on my search for immortals, physical immortality, and updates on where I am at with my books.

Dr. Rose's goal is to bring guests who will enrich our knowledge base and piggy back ideas and concepts that can change mindsets and replace processes and beliefs that are not effective and are damaging to us all.

Check it out for what should be an interesting interview.


I had phone problems on December 2nd and was not able to call into the show on time. My deepest apologies to Dr. Rose and his audience for missing this interview.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin Film - Last Update

In case you have not heard, there is a YouTube video that has captured the interest of many throughout our planet about a unique scene found in an old Charlie Chaplin silent film.

I do not really know if this is true or not, but whatever the case, this is truly mind-boggling.

An unknown person is found in a crowd scene on an old Charlie Chaplin film, titled "The Circus", talking on what looks like a cellphone device. Problem is there were no cellphones or cellphone service in the 1920's.

Still many will claim that this is a freak accident by a delusional person (especially from my biggest fan, follower, and great friend "tacmaster"); but that explanation is more difficult to believe than the possibility of it being a person out of time. Perhaps, someone Photoshopped in this person while putting old Charlie Chaplin films onto DVDs?

What does this have to do with my quest in searching for real life immortals? Simply put, this is going to be another example about evidence. Evidence that cannot be explained on the surface, at least not yet. And until it is absolutely proven to be a fake or fraudulent film clip, it will be interesting to see how those so called scientists - skeptics deal with this yet unexplained phenomenon.

UPDATE - 10/30/2010 -

The latest "explanation" as to what the "lady" was holding in her hand is a "Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid". This device could have been what she was holding, if she was walking with someone. However, have you ever heard of people talking to their own hearing device?

I mean really, people use hearing aids to listen to another; not talk to another person. And the "woman" in the film is clearly not conversing with anyone else on the movie set except for some "invisible" person. So this explanation, while intriguing, does not fully explain what we are observing on the film.

I will be contacting Major Ed Dames about seeing if we can make this interesting film clip into a formal remote viewing project. I will keep you all posted about what we find out.

UPDATE - 11/19/2010

I did a "quick" remote viewing on this target. My "quick" RV sessions are not as thorough or as accurate as a full RV session, but it does quickly give me an idea if the target is worth the time of pursing any further.

What my "quck RV" session came up with is a male stage hand, dressed as a woman, with a listening device in his ear, listening for instructions from the director, mumbling something over and over again. In other words, I now have to believe the critics are right; it really is an old-fashion hearing aid and not a futuristic communications device.

Still it was worth checking out.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

World's Oldest Man, Walter Breuning, Celebrates 114th Birthday

AOL News reported last month that a 114 years young gentleman by the name of Walter Breuning celebrated his birthday near his home in Great Falls, Montana.

Another young centenarian went unnoticed for 14 years until the press found him at 114 years. Just imagine how many more Walter Breunings are out there; still unnoticed.

I wonder what Walter would think about learning that a 256 years young Li Ching Yun use to walk the earth the same time he did?

And the possibilities continue ....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Interview on the Mysterious Universe has Been Posted. Where is the Evidence?

Hello Mysterious Universe Audience!

I recently did a taped interview with the Mysterious Universe radio show; which has now be posted on the Mysterious Universe website at . Special thanks to Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright for an awesome interview and for posting a link to my blog for more information about my topics presented on the show.

However, like many other people I talk with about this extraordinary story, many members of the Mysterious Universe audience have voiced their opinions without taking the time to review my blog which is filed with lots of evidence confirming what statements I made on the radio interview. So for these people, I am offering a very brief summary of facts to help them research a small part of the back story of finding a real life "immortal" living among us today.



Apparently many of my pseudo-skeptical and pseudo-scientific friends are having great difficulty finding any evidence on my blog of the possibility that people can extend their lives past 122 years of age. While it is good to have skeptical friends, it does trouble me to learn that they have such great difficulty finding the evidence that I have presented on these blogs. So today I am writing this blog post to summarize some of the evidence I have alrteady presented, in an effort to help those who might be challenged reading some of my previous posts and "doing the math" by putting all this evidence together to form the bigger picture.

First I would like to present to you my posts, pointing to people "on record" whom have lived 125 years and more:

128 Year Old Woman Stars on YouTube (128 years young, Tuti Yusupova, becomes a YouTube sensation).

Living More Than 150 Years by Those Who Have Done It (here is a brief list of people, on record, who lived 150 years and more).

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 2

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 3

Examples of Living Past 150 Years - Li Chang (Ching) Yun (according to the research by New York Times and other publications, this man lived 256 years before he passed away).

Next, I would like to present to you my posts pointing to scientists whom have found bits of evidence that point to the possibility of extending our lives, well beyond what is considered the norms:

Science Extends the Lifespan of Fungus ( a small step with a small creature, but a big step for scientists).

Modern scientists succeed in the quest for immortality (bacteria can live forever in laboratory conditions).

2050 - and Immortality is Within Our Grasp (some scientists believe so).

Can Human Cells be Reprogrammed? (scientists are discovering the possiblity of re-programming our human cells).

Discovering the Secrets of Longevity - Two Scientists are Finding Answers (2 scientists, Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia S. Gavrilova are figuring out, scientifically, how to extend our lives).

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality? (a Korean scientists believes he has found a possible cure for the aging process)

A Cure for Human Aging (Dr. Aubrey de Grey contributes his research and theories on human longevity).

Next, I have several posts that present the possibility we can control our lives, our bodies, and even reach "physical immortality" (if only for a brief moment in our lives):

Skydiver Experiences an Immortal Moment and Cheats Death (the incredible story of Paul Lewis who survived a 2,000 foot fall without a parachute).

Was a Young "Immortal" found in June? (teenager escapes certain death in a major airline crash).

A Child Frozen in Time - Toddler Accidently Discovers the Fountain of Youth (16 year old Brooke Greene ages only 1 month, every year ... could she hold the secrets of immortality?).

Can Our Heart Stop the Aging Process? (a practical theory present by Gregg Braden)

Does the Movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" Offer a Secret to Immortality? (intelligent design is a requirement for achievining physical immortality).

How to Live to 150 Years or More (some commonalities I found in my research that will help us all live longer and healthier lives, regardless of our beliefs in physical immortality).

Absolute, Positive Proof of Human Immortality (yes we have it on record of someone who did beat death, as witnessed by many in the world at that time).

Finally my disclosure of some of the evidence that a man is living among us who could POSSIBLY BE nearly 2,800 years of age:

Learn the Secrets of Immortality from Those Who Have Already Found It.

Where's the Proof?

Where's the Proof (Part 2)?

Where's the Proof (Part 3)?

Where's the Proof (Part 4)

Ironically, after much internal debate, I finally decided to write a book about my research so that friends and naysayers alike could read this important information in a well laid out format. I also decided to go ahead and grant interview requests in order to answer questions to various host and call-in guests to help others better understand my research. These radio interviews helped me understand what information is of the most interest to the public. I really enjoy the conversations and I did learn as much from these interviews as I hopefully gave to their listens.

Hopefully when the book(s) are finally released, we can all better understand this incredible gift that has blessed all of us and the entire world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knights Templar Benediction

I found this many, many years ago and I really liked it so I save it. It is a very good "code of conduct" that I felt important to add to my own life.

I do not believe it was ever copyrighted or has an author other the Knights Templar. so since I have now met a genuine member of the Knights Templar, I wish to share it with all of you.


A man has achieved true nobility who has lived well,
laughed often and loved much,

who has gained the respect of intelligent men,

the trust of pure women,
and the love of small children.

Who has always sought the best in others;
and given the best he had;

who has never lacked appreciation of the Earth's beauty,
nor failed to express it;

who has filled his niche and accomplished his task,

and who has left the world a better than he found it,
whether by an improved poppy,
a perfect poem,
or a rescued soul.

Whose life is an inspiration,
and whose memory is a benediction.

*** Update ***

Thanks to help from "Elfie" this benedition was a variation of the poem "Success" by Elisabeth-Anne "Bessie" Anderson Stanley in 1904. So even though this poem has nothing to do with the Knights Templar, I am leaving it posted since it may have resembled some of the real "code of ethics" of the legendary Templar Knights. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is this a 2,500 Year Old Coin?

While I was at Kumbh Mela 2010 this year, I found a rare coin shop that had a very interesting coin. I haggle with owner for a fair price because I just felt it had some value to me. So far, my preliminary remote viewing sessions are confirming that this coin COULD BE a 2,500 years old Tibetan coin.

Now I would like to share my pictures of this coin to see if anyone else can confirm or contradict my preliminary research on this coin.

Here is the other side of the coin:

I would be very interested if anyone has any information about this coin. This is NOT the 2,500 year old "Middle Eastern coin" that my immortal friend has.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Special Couple Celebrates 77 Years of Marriage !

He's 107 years of age. She's 101 years young. Together they have celebrated 77 years of marriage. And Ralph and Phyllis Turrant still look like a pretty cute couple. They still live in their flat in Broomhill, Great Britian where they have spent most of their lives.

When Phyllis Turrant was ask about their long lives and "the secret of their long-lasting marriage" ... "to 'getting on with each other, a good diet, exercise, avoiding cigarettes - and a tot of whisky each night'."

So it does look like having a loving partner can increase our chances to living a long, healthy, and happy life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anyone Have Any Samples of These Ancient Symbols / Letters?

Here are some "undeciphered" languages that I am looking for samples of.

I have several "tools" to decipher such languages:

1. "Etruscan" - Despite repeated attempts to decipher this language, very little success has been accomplished to.

2. "The Rohonc Codex" - This codex was discovered in Hungary and it is alleged to contain 10 times more symbols than any other known alphabet.

3. "Linear A" - This is an ancient Minoan script from Crete from around 1900-1800 BC that no one yet has ever deciphered.

4. "Vinca symbols" - This script is believed to be the earliest 'proto-language' known to man. These symbols were found in Hungary in 1875. They are believed to be dated from around 4000.

5. "Rongorongo" - Discovered on Easter Island, scientists are not even sure if it is language.

I am also curious to see if my 2,800 year old friend would recognize any of these symbols. Stay tuned for that answer after I visit him again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 130th Birthday Antisa Khvichava !


"Authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia claim a woman from a remote mountain village turned 130 on Thursday, making her the oldest person on Earth.

Antisa Khvichava from western Georgia was born on July 8, 1880, said Georgiy Meurnishvili, spokesman for the civil registry at the Justice Ministry."


I've always been healthy, and I've worked all my life — at home and at the farm," said Khvichava, in a bright dress and headscarf.


Meurnishvili showed two Soviet-era documents that he says attest to her age. Scores of officials, neighbors, friends, and descendants backed up her claim as the world's top senior.


Khvichava's 70-year-old son Mikhail apparently was born when his mother was 60. She said she also had two children from a previous marriage, but says they died of hunger during World War II.

While Antisa may never be officially "proven" to be 130 years of age; it certainly proves there are more people alive today living beyond those "on record" and who live well beyond what we consider our norms.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Britains's Oldest Working Man is 95 Years Old !

According to the ITN News Service, Sid Prior is Britian's oldest working person. He started working at the age of 14 and is now working at the age of 95 at a British B&Q store.

"A study published last year by the World Economic Forum showed that over-50s make up the majority of the labour force in Finland and Switzerland. France, Germany and Britain are expected to follow within 30 years."

Human longevity does have its benefits; espcially to those who make the most of it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Census Finds 157 Year Old Woman in Indonesia

In case you had not heard yet, various news agencies reported this week that Indonesia officials "accidentally" found a 157 year old woman in their country while taking a country wide census.

From an ABC news article:

"Census officials have said they believe the woman's [157 year old] claims to have been born in 1853, when Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata debuted in Venice, the Crimean War erupted and San Francisco got its first street signs at intersections."

"There's no authentic data to prove her age but judging from her statements and the age of her adopted daughter, who's now 108 years old, it's difficult to doubt it," statistics bureau official Jhonny Sardjono said Monday.


"Despite her age she still has an incredible memory, clear sight and has no hearing problems. She speaks Dutch quite fluently," he said.


"He said Ms Turinah burnt all her identification documents to avoid being linked to an alleged communist coup in 1965."

Here is another case of a centenarian who has successfully avoided the media, the public, scientists, and the Guinness World Book of Records; yet she lives among us today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boy Miraculously Survives 70 Foot Fall - No Broken Bones

Is this possible? Can people, especially a 4 year old boy, survive certain death?

According to this article "Landed by the Hand of God" by By Brian Hamacher and Todd Wright of NBC-Miami, it has happened.

The article describes how a 4 year old named Joey Williams fell 7 stories from a balcony of the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Miami, bounced in a tree, than landed on a hard dirt patch of ground, just missing pipes and sprinklers all over the ground.

Obviously, there is more to surviving certain death than a good diet and plenty of exercise. How this toddler was so "lucky" is something that will be discussed for many years.

However many of us now know it was not luck but something far more powerful and predictable involved. This is another secret of achieving immortality.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kumbh Mela 2010 - the Festival of Immortals

I just returned from attending the 2010 Kumbh Mela celebration also known to many as the "Festival of Immortals". The celebration is said to be anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 years old; bringing the holy people of the Hindu religion, their followers, and a few "immortals" together. The event honors the legend of when the Hindu "gods" dropped some of their "amrit" (the nectar of immoratlity) from their pot referred to as Kumbh at 4 spots in India: Allahabad (Prayag), Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain. The Kumbh Mela in each location takes place every twelfth year; this year being held at Haridwar.

The people who attend the "Ganga Art" ceremony, or sacred bath during the Kumbh Mela, believe taking this bath will make them protected from death aka "immortal" until the next Kumbh Mela. And there are a few who believe with a continuous bathing during each Kumb Mela, they will achieve some form of immortality.

Although I am not a Hindu, I went to the Kumbh Mela, out of curiousity and because I was told that I could possibly meet some real life "immortals" who live amoung the "holy people" of India. One man was said to be somewhere between 150 to 250 years old. There was a story of a 300 year old to 900 year old man who may or may not still be alive. And there was the hope of meeting a legendary man who's age is well beyond 1,000 years of age.

Unfortunately, I did not meet any of these people. However, I did find out much more about the supposed "immortals" and a met a few known people who could easily be well beyond 100 years of age.

I will reveal a few more interesting details of my interesting trip through India in future posts.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Update

Just to let everyone know, the long painful process of rewriting and now re-editing my book is still going on abeit very slowly. We have a few more chapters done after my last update.

If anyone who has prepurchased the book would like an eBook version of Chapters 1 and / or 2 please contact me using the Paypal email address that you have or via this blog.

Everyone who prepurchased the book, should have a received a copy of "Wake Up Moments of Inspirtation", as a free gift, by now. If you have not please contact me.

Of course, until the book is actually published as a full eBook, anyone who has prepurchased the book may receive a full refund at any time.

Thank you and many blessings for your patience.

Monday, April 5, 2010

David Tippie of Anti-Aging Clinic on X-Zone Tonight

Half of the Anti-Aging Clinic Team will be broadcast on the X-Zone Radio Show this evening.

Here is the intro to tonight's show:

David Tippie's passion has been for the past 30 years, improved health naturally, studding physiology and alternative healthcare and prevention with a relentless pursuit. In 2001 he began a research and development center "Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc., where he has made his mark in the supreme make over market without invasive surgery. David has founded the "Face-lift without the knife" and a weight management concept that is at the cutting edge of Science. David is a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy specialist who has studied with the doctor who discovered that women cycle from their first period until they die. David has been fortunate to help many people to get off of their drug regimens and improve the quality of their health and longevity. Within the past (8-years) as the President, CEO and Nature-O-Path of his company; he has completed development of a new version of his clinic concept (8-steps to Aging Younger) as well as a strategy to replicate his clinic concept across America. David is proud of his understanding of true American values, which are the style of economics that made this country great and pulled it out of every recession and depression, which was small business and he will help to create this across America. David is proud of his research development phase that has lead him to the campaign he has untaken; and that is to develop Aging Younger clinics (that duplicate his research and development center) in most major cities of the US. Creating massive small business where each will deliver the developed concept of the 8-steps to Aging Younger for each of their clients, thereby building a worldwide client base due to the enormous success built into the concept. David Tippie has worked tirelessly to promote his research and views utilizing every resource to get his message to the right person or group such as his latest book, Collapse of Drugs, that wi ll ultimately help to educate people to so that they may Aging Younger. -

Tune in for what should be a very informative interview.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Messages of Hope from a 2,800 Year Old Man

On this weekend of hope, I thought I would offer everyone some of the messages of inspiration and hope that I received from the remarkable man whom I have been interviewing for many years.

You see, I have also found hope that anything was possible since I first heard the story of the incredible man who defied death 2,000 years ago. But like most of you, I still needed to see, hear, or better yet experience such death defying feats during our modern age to really take "to heart" what we were taught by those famous biblical prophets.

So when it occurred to me that there actually were people living past 125 years of age, and way beyond that number, I started to "feel my heart" stir to the possibility many of our ancient myths may have been much more than stories of hope. Could they conceivably be accounts of actual people who found "the answers to achieving the impossible"? Did these people achieve such incredible feats, because the has nothing to fear? Or because they simply decided not to allow their lives to be conquered by their fears? Or, perhaps, they discovered the secret of living a life without fears which allowed these people to accomplish all that their heart's desired?

Clearly, fear in our lives, disables us, blocks us from growing, stops us for moving forward, hampers us in attaining our life's dreams; and in some cases, perhaps in many ways, destroys our lives from the inside out.

So, if fear is what keeps us from what we want, what we need, what we desire; then is it possible that the "lack of fear" or the "absence of fear" will allow us to obtain what we work for, what we struggle for, and what we sacrifice for?

From what what I have learned from my 2,800 year friend, and from the man who made history 2,000 years ago, is a big, blatant YES to these questions. Certainly they both had fears, but it is quite obvious from what I have heard from the both of them is simply: conquer your fears and you will achieve results.

So how did these 2 incredible men face their fears and conquer them? The simplest of answers I could ascertain from the both of them, happens to be the same message:

1. Do not believe in the fear. Believe instead in the "opposite of fear" which is love.

2. Do not believe in death. Believe instead in the "opposite of death" which is life.

3. Do not live your lives believing in fear and in death, but instead live your lives believing in love and in life.

Have you ever met a person who believes in love and in life? When you do, you automatically be moved by the presence, their words, and all that surrounds them.

Is that not how we, deep down inside, really want to live? A life of contentment without worries, fears, and experiencing life at its fullest?

We can seek out these people for guidance, we can model our lives after these people ...

or we can start today and simply add this simple knowledge into our lives, in everything we say, everything we do, and when we deal with all that life deals to us.

This is what I have learned from a 2,800 year man, who lives this way every day. And I am embarrassed to say, this is what I should have learned from the man who taught us all this; 2,000 years ago today.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is a Vodka-drinking 129-year-old Georgian Woman the Oldest Person Alive?

A Russian TV station found documents stating Antisa Khvichava was born on July 8, 1880; making her nearly 130 years of age.

If confirmed, Ms. Khvichava would break the current Guinness World Book of Records by nearly 8 years.

More evidence that the Guinness people are still have not found all of the oldest people on Earth yet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two of America's Oldest Past Away on the Same Day

From a recent Yahoo News Article highlights 2 woman who were certified as the 2 oldest living in the US.

"Mary Josephine Ray, who was certified as the oldest person living in the United States died ... at age 114 years, 294 days. She died at a nursing home in Westmoreland but was active until about two weeks before her death, her granddaughter Katherine Ray said."


"Ray died just hours before Daisey Bailey, who was 113 years, 342 days, said L. Stephen Coles, a director of the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks and studies old people and certifies those 110 or older, called supercentenarians."


"The oldest living American is now Neva Morris, of Ames, Iowa, at age 114 years, 216 days. The oldest person in the world is Japan's Kama Chinen at age 114 years, 301 days."

From my research, there is a living American who is over 150 years of age and the oldest person in the world is nearly 2,800 years of age.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Interview with the Kovacs Perspective Radio Show

I had a great interview tonight with Steve of the Kovacs Perspective Radio Show this evening. This taped interview will be broadcasted 9PM EST on February 24th.

I discussed with Steve many of the secrets of extending our lives and possibly achieving immortality which I learned from my 2,800 year old friend; and many others.

Check out this audio internet broadcast which can be heard here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Israel was Warmer and Wetter in Our Past?

From this interesting article by WorldNetDaily:

"When scientists revealed in 2008 that an analysis of rings on stalagmite from a cave near Jerusalem showed the climate of the region got drier shortly after the Roman dispersion of the Jews in A.D. 70, it was no surprise to Rabbi Menachem Kohen of Brooklyn... "

"Rabbi Kohen wrote that the land suffered an unprecedented, severe and inexplicable (by anything other than supernatural explanations) drought that lasted from the first century until the 20th – a period of 1,800 years" ... "

"Before the Jews entered Canaan, it was described in the Bible as a land flowing with milk and honey. If you read what Israel's climate and natural landscape was like from the time Joshua crossed the Jordan right up until the time of Jesus, it sounds like a heavily forested land. There were amazing crops raised by the people who inhabited the land when the Jews arrived. "

"For 1,800 years, it hardly ever rained in Israel. ..."

This scientific data coincides with the stories that my 2,800 year friend told me: it was much hotter and wetter 2,800 years ago in the Middle East than it is today. For more info on 2,800 years of eyewitness accounts of the weather around the world, espcailly around the Mediterranean Sea, then check out my forth coming book ... "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewithness Account of 2,800 Years of History"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Pill That Will Help You Live to 100 ?

From a recent article by Donna Bowater in the Daily Express of the UK:

"A pill to help people live to 100 is set to "revolutionize" aging, experts said

The breakthrough has come after scientists identified three “super-genes”. People born with the genes are 20 times more likely to reach a century – and 80 per cent less likely to develop the senility disease Alzheimer’s."


"Life expectancy for men in the UK is 77, for women it is 82. At the same time nearly half a million Britons are affected by Alzheimer’s."


"Professor Judith Phillips, president of the British Society of Geron­tology, said the discovery would change how people look at growing old."


"Dr Barzilai, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said: “Because our centenarians have ­longevity genes, they are protected against many effects of the environment."

Obviously scientists are still interested in extending our lives; yet they are refusing to look into the "non-physical" aspects of achieving immortality. Perhaps if they could combine all the known knowledge into achieving immortality into a single "program" instead of a pill ...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Secret from an Immortal - The Holy Grail

I had a wonderful interview recently with Michael Vera of the "Late Night at the Midlands" radio show. During the interview I mentioned another secret from the 2,800 year old man whom I made contact with: his eyewitness description of the "Holy Grail". Or to be precise, the chalice used by Jesus Christ during the event now known as the "Last Supper".

What was so incredible about this "immortal secret" was the description that this super centenarian gave me matched exactly the description of this "Holy Grail" chalice I had remote viewed years earlier.

Ironically, I have also seen a picture of this chalice in a magazine describing some of the artifacts which the Vatican is currently storing in their "junk room".

While I am not ready yet to describe this historically famous artifact in detail yet, I can tell you my is none of the chalices shown in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" matched the description of the real chalice of the Last Supper from my research.

For more information, check out my interview with Michael Vera.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Researchers Link Calorie Intake to Lifespan and Preventing Cancer

University of Alabama researchers "have discovered that restricting consumption of glucose, the most common dietary sugar, can extend the life of healthy human-lung cells and speed the death of precancerous human-lung cells, reducing cancer's spread and growth rate." According to this UAB news release.

"These results further verify the potential health benefits of controlling calorie intake." Trygve Tollefsbol, Ph.D., D.O., said. "Our research indicates that calorie reduction extends the lifespan of healthy human cells and aids the body's natural ability to kill off cancer-forming cells."

The UAB team conducted its tests by growing both healthy human-lung cells and precancerous human-lung cells in laboratory flasks. The flasks were provided either normal levels of glucose or significantly reduced amounts of the sugar compound, and the cells then were allowed to grow for a period of weeks.

"In that time, we were able to track the cells' ability to divide while also monitoring the number of surviving cells. The pattern that was revealed to us showed that restricted glucose levels led the healthy cells to grow longer than is typical and caused the precancerous cells to die off in large numbers," Dr. Tollefsbol said.

In particular, the researchers found that two key genes were affected in the cellular response to decreased glucose consumption. The first gene, telomerase, encodes an important enzyme that allows cells to divide indefinitely. The second gene, p16, encodes a well known anti-cancer protein.

"Opposite effects were found for these genes in healthy cells versus precancerous cells. The healthy cells saw their telomerase rise and p16 decrease, which would explain the boost in healthy cell growth," Tollefsbol said. "The gene reactions flipped in the precancerous cells with telomerase decreasing and the anti-cancer protein p16 increasing, which would explain why these cancer-forming cells died off in large numbers."

The UAB research into the links between calorie intake, aging and the onset of diseases related to aging is thought to be a first of its kind given that it used the unique approach of testing human cells versus laboratory animals.

You can read more of this fascinating news release here.

Sounds like science is catching up to what we are finding out from the Calorie Restricted Dieters (CRDs) and a 2,800 year old man.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ben Abba to Appear on The X Zone Radio Show at 10PM EST on Thursday, January 7th

I just found out that I will be interviewed by Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show Thursday evening / Thursday Evening at 10PM EST.

I have be a fan of the X Zone Radio Show for many years and I know of the variety of topics covered on the show. And I know Rob is a serious interviewer who I am sure will press me hard on the topic of finding a 2,800 year old man and the possibility of physical immortality for the rest of us.

The 'X' Zone Radio Show has been on the broadcast airwaves since 1993 investigating the world of the Paranormal and the science of Parapsychology The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network was formed in December 2009 to meet the growing demands of international broadcasters around the world wanting to being their audiences The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show, hosted by the shows creator, host and executive producer, Rob McConnell

I am looking forward to invigorating interview.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year & Latest on "Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History" book release

We got really close to releasing our eBook version by Christmas. The process is sure taking me and my editors a lot longer I thought it would take. However our goal is to give you all the best product we possibly can give to you; hence the extra effort and time. Right now, my best guess is a few more weeks before we can release the eBook version to you and to our publishers.

As of now, everyone except for the international customers, should have received their copy of "Wake Up Moments of Inspiration" which I co-authored with Dr Wayne Dyer and several other authors. This is my free gift to any of you that have pre-ordered the book for your continued patience. For the international customers, my current plans are to include this free gist when I ship your book order to you.

Once the book is finally on its way to the publishers, I will focus on getting out the rest of the free gifts that I have planned to include with this pre-ordered book for all of you. One of the free gifts that I am planning to send out is a CD of some of the radio interviews and podcasts which I have completed over the past year.

Again, my heart felt thanks for your continued patience of “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History” book; and for your continued patience in receiving your book order.

And I wish blessings, good health, and abundance to all of you in 2010!