Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is this a 2,500 Year Old Coin?

While I was at Kumbh Mela 2010 this year, I found a rare coin shop that had a very interesting coin. I haggle with owner for a fair price because I just felt it had some value to me. So far, my preliminary remote viewing sessions are confirming that this coin COULD BE a 2,500 years old Tibetan coin.

Now I would like to share my pictures of this coin to see if anyone else can confirm or contradict my preliminary research on this coin.

Here is the other side of the coin:

I would be very interested if anyone has any information about this coin. This is NOT the 2,500 year old "Middle Eastern coin" that my immortal friend has.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Special Couple Celebrates 77 Years of Marriage !

He's 107 years of age. She's 101 years young. Together they have celebrated 77 years of marriage. And Ralph and Phyllis Turrant still look like a pretty cute couple. They still live in their flat in Broomhill, Great Britian where they have spent most of their lives.

When Phyllis Turrant was ask about their long lives and "the secret of their long-lasting marriage" ... "to 'getting on with each other, a good diet, exercise, avoiding cigarettes - and a tot of whisky each night'."

So it does look like having a loving partner can increase our chances to living a long, healthy, and happy life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anyone Have Any Samples of These Ancient Symbols / Letters?

Here are some "undeciphered" languages that I am looking for samples of.

I have several "tools" to decipher such languages:

1. "Etruscan" - Despite repeated attempts to decipher this language, very little success has been accomplished to.

2. "The Rohonc Codex" - This codex was discovered in Hungary and it is alleged to contain 10 times more symbols than any other known alphabet.

3. "Linear A" - This is an ancient Minoan script from Crete from around 1900-1800 BC that no one yet has ever deciphered.

4. "Vinca symbols" - This script is believed to be the earliest 'proto-language' known to man. These symbols were found in Hungary in 1875. They are believed to be dated from around 4000.

5. "Rongorongo" - Discovered on Easter Island, scientists are not even sure if it is language.

I am also curious to see if my 2,800 year old friend would recognize any of these symbols. Stay tuned for that answer after I visit him again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 130th Birthday Antisa Khvichava !


"Authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia claim a woman from a remote mountain village turned 130 on Thursday, making her the oldest person on Earth.

Antisa Khvichava from western Georgia was born on July 8, 1880, said Georgiy Meurnishvili, spokesman for the civil registry at the Justice Ministry."


I've always been healthy, and I've worked all my life — at home and at the farm," said Khvichava, in a bright dress and headscarf.


Meurnishvili showed two Soviet-era documents that he says attest to her age. Scores of officials, neighbors, friends, and descendants backed up her claim as the world's top senior.


Khvichava's 70-year-old son Mikhail apparently was born when his mother was 60. She said she also had two children from a previous marriage, but says they died of hunger during World War II.

While Antisa may never be officially "proven" to be 130 years of age; it certainly proves there are more people alive today living beyond those "on record" and who live well beyond what we consider our norms.