Sunday, October 14, 2012

September / October 2012 Book Update

I'm back!

I want to give everyone my apologies for the continued delays in getting you a copy of this book.  Since my last update, I made progress in getting more chapters to the editors and even closer to the “done” state for at least to be released electronically.

In case you were not aware, the biggest delay in getting this book done was I essentially have rewritten it 3 times.  Since my background is in technical writing, my first manuscript for this book was more of a science paper, with footnotes and annotations linking to recyclable material.  While it would make a great historical research book, it was a very boring read.  I then got talked into rewriting it as if it were a story of man telling his story; similar to the movie “The Man From Earth”.  However it was still too dry and left out my role in the story.  For this third and now final rewrite, I have added “color” and “feelings” along with my narration weaved in, for a more interesting read similar to the “Interview With a Vampire; 
although I am no way in the close to a writer like Anne Rice is.

Since my last update I did have a few requests for the first half of the book be main available in an electronic version such as PDF or Kindle format.  I hesitated because of the time it would take to perform such a project would take aware from me completing what else needed to be done.

However, as I am faced with other delays from my editors, etc.,  I have decided to push for a special first half edition of the book to be released in electronic-only format which I am tentatively calling “Book 1A”.  Right now I need to get this piece “registered” and then I can release it.  My plans today are top have Book 1A released within the next 7 days.  Once it is ready, I will be offering it to all whom have paid for the full book to receive it free of charge at no obligation.

By now, all of you should have received a free copy of my first book "Wake Up ... Moments of Inspiration". If you have not please contact us right away. Also, if you have requested Chapters 1 & 2 in electronic Adobe PDF format, you should have received them by now as well.

As of now, I am still adding still additional free gifts to all of you for your continued patience. The free copy of "Wake Up ... Moments of Inspiration" and now the new electronic-only copy of “Book 1A” are yours to keep, whether you decide to be patient with me or demand your money back.  If you can wait for the hard copy to be released, you will receive an electronic copy of the full Book 1 in PDF format and now Book 2 (when it becomes available). I also promised a CD of some other eBooks which I plan to ship with the hardcover book. At your request, I will autograph the hard copy of the book and / or send you the electronic copy in Kindle format (when it is ready).

Thank you again for your continued patience.

Be Blessed!

Ben Abba