Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is a Vodka-drinking 129-year-old Georgian Woman the Oldest Person Alive?

A Russian TV station found documents stating Antisa Khvichava was born on July 8, 1880; making her nearly 130 years of age.

If confirmed, Ms. Khvichava would break the current Guinness World Book of Records by nearly 8 years.

More evidence that the Guinness people are still have not found all of the oldest people on Earth yet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two of America's Oldest Past Away on the Same Day

From a recent Yahoo News Article highlights 2 woman who were certified as the 2 oldest living in the US.

"Mary Josephine Ray, who was certified as the oldest person living in the United States died ... at age 114 years, 294 days. She died at a nursing home in Westmoreland but was active until about two weeks before her death, her granddaughter Katherine Ray said."


"Ray died just hours before Daisey Bailey, who was 113 years, 342 days, said L. Stephen Coles, a director of the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks and studies old people and certifies those 110 or older, called supercentenarians."


"The oldest living American is now Neva Morris, of Ames, Iowa, at age 114 years, 216 days. The oldest person in the world is Japan's Kama Chinen at age 114 years, 301 days."

From my research, there is a living American who is over 150 years of age and the oldest person in the world is nearly 2,800 years of age.