Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can the Human Lifespan Reach 1,000 Years?

Some Experts Say "Yes"

A recent article in The Daily Galaxy discussed this very possibility.

Quoting Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey from the article: "The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today ... whether they realize it or not ..."

The article continues: "In fact, a growing number of scientists, doctors, geneticists and nanotech experts—many with impeccable academic credentials—are insisting that there is no hard reason why ageing can’t be dramatically slowed or prevented altogether. Not only is it theoretically possible, they argue, but a scientifically achievable goal that can and should be reached in time to benefit those alive today ... “I am working on immortality,” says Michael Rose, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of California, Irvine, who has achieved breakthrough results extending the lives of fruit flies."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Are Invited to a Global Meditation

You are all invited to participate on Thursday March 26th, to a synchronized new meditation at 9.00 pm EDT (New York time ) via the Crystalline Grid, for health and peace of our planet and ourselves.

This meditation, that lasts for about 15 minutes, uses the symbols of love, joy, and healing, as well as the mandalas that attract the high frequencies and the divine support.

For more details check out the meditation host, George Koemtzopoulos, website at , where George will broadcast the meditation with 30 high fidelity recordings (8 minutes each) of the healing sounds of the crystal bowls.

I believe we need more of this kind of global meditation to heal all of us of the world wide pain that we are all feeling right now. I checked out George's website and it was well worth the visit. If the interesting art work does not appeal to you, the soothing background music will.

Enjoy and again, you are welcome to participate.

Aging Younger - Effects of Heavy Metals on the Body - Part 1

Listen Now to this Achieving Immortality podcast, click here Yak with the host of the Achieving Immortality Podcast Channel program subscribe to Achieving Immortality Podcast Channel - click here

The Aging Younger Radio began the discussions of the effects on the human body of heavy metal toxins. Today’s episode’s discusses the causes and negative effects of heavy metal toxins to our health. Today’s episode also included guest host Jay Salomon the CEO of World Health Products and the producer of the documentary “Living in a Toxic World”.

Aging Younger Radio is on every Wednesday at 6PM EDT and the creation of David and Stephanie Tibbie, founders of the The Anti-Aging Clinic of Lauderhill, Florida. David is an Endermologist and a medical researcher. Stephanie has a medical background and is a medical researcher as well. Both David and Stephanie have devoted 25 years of their research of the latest developments, science, and therapies; including all modalites of Anti-Aging therapies.

This new episode of Achieving Immortality is sponsored by Ben Abba, author of the new book: ““Wake Up! Live the Life You Love - Wake Up Moments of Inspiration” and the forth coming book: “Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”.

Both of these books will introduce to the world the possibility that one or more real immortals walk among us and what can learn from them.

And a special thank you to David and Stephanie Tibbie of Aging Younger Radio for their permission to add this podcast to our Achieving Immortality Podcast Channel.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Selling Authors Share Personal Messages of Hope and Inspiration in Wake Up Moments of Inspiration

Wake Up Moments of Inspiration is Available Starting Today at

Bestsellers 234x60

United States of America (Press Release) March 18, 2009 – Well known authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Ernie Hudson, Liz Vassey, and Zachary Levi share their messages of hope and inspiration in the new book: Wake Up Moments of Inspiration, the latest in the best-selling book series, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love, available to the public on March 19th, 2009.

“It can come to you subtly in a dream, written in a newspaper article, or harshly through a lay-off notice,” said Ben Abba, another co-author of the book. “But when your ‘aha’ moment arrives, your life’s path, your destiny, and your future success suddenly becomes quite clear.”

The release of Wake Up Moments of Inspiration has been perfectly poised to reach those in need of messages of comfort in these stressful times. In a new year of economic collapse, a health care crisis, layoffs, foreclosures along with many other dramatic changes in society, these timely anecdotes of inspiration will offer hope from those who have found theirs in the strangest of ways.

”Remember, life happens through you, and not to you,” quoting this soon to be bestselling book. “When you recognize and embrace those moments of inspiration that are happening all around you, your life will change for the better and you will become ‘a beacon for others’ to follow.”

“Wake Up … Live the Life You Love: Wake Up Moments of Inspiration” is a book of hope, a book of discovery, a book of insights, a book of success, a book of change, as well as a book of inspiration. Wake Up Moments of Inspiration is published by Little Seed Publishing and goes on sale March 19th at Barnes and Noble,, Books-A-Million and through the contributing authors. To purchase your autographed copy of the book, go to

About Ben Abba

Ben Abba is a modern day Plato with an important story to tell. The story of searching for the oldest people alive today and finding a real man, living among us, who has seen nearly 2,800 years of history through his own eyes.

Ben Abba used his background as a scientist and a security consultant to locate and make contact with the oldest living human on earth. What he found was some amazing: living, breathing “immortals’ who are much older than 1,000 years of age.

Ben has been blogging about his experiences with these real life super centenarians at www. and podcasting about their secrets on human longevity at: . Ben is in the process of bringing to the public some of these immortals’ secrets in his soon to be released book: “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History” which can be pre-ordered at:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

128 Year Old Woman Stars on YouTube

I just heard about this YouTube video on the oldest woman on earth (and possbily will become the oldest person alive on record):

Her name is Tuti Yusupova and she is from Uzbekistan. Her records, which she displays on the YouTube video say she is 128 years old!

Here is the BBC video on the same woman:

National Geographic did a special on these long living people from a nearby area of Russia in the January 1973 issue of National Geographic. The article was about the Azerbaijani people who are known to live incredibly long lives and marry after reaching the age of 100 years. This issue of National Geographic also contained an article about the oldest living of the Azerbaijani people, a man named Shirali Mislimov.

In the following year, Time ran this obituary about Shirali Mislimov in its September 1973 issue:

“Shirali Mislimov, Died 1973 at 168 years in Azerbaijan, USSR. On his birthday in 1971 he rose at dawn to do his daily chores in the garden and orchard. Among his well-wishers were doctors who gave him his annual physical and judged his health perfect. He has never been ill, though forced to give up riding horseback recently. At 160 he journeyed to the capital city (his first visit). There a doctor recorded his pulse at 72 and blood pressure at 120/75 but then this was after a three storey climb! He neither smoked or drank. He is survived by his third wife, 107 years old, 219 other family members, including a grandchild aged 100 years.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wake Up Love the Life You Love Readers are Welcome

You are invited!

We now have a Ning discussion group for all readers of the Wake Up ... Live the Life You Love book series, in particularly the soon to be released Wake Up Moments of Inspiration book.

This Ning discussion group is intended for readers of these best-selling books to discuss with the co-authors and among each other to help each other through these difficult times. Discussions include our life's aha's, our times of clarity, our successes in life, our moments of inspiration, and messages of hope.

For more information, join this free discussion group at:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ben Abba Makes His First Radio Appearance on “The Morning X” Radio Show with Mike and Amy

Ben Abba appeared on the “The Morning X” radio show with Mike Leier and Amy Williamson on Tuesday, March 10th. On the show Ben discussed his experiences with meeting a 2,800 year old man, and his recently released book “Wake Up … Live the Live You Love: Wake Up Moments of Inspiration” which he co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The radio interviewer, Mike Leier, gave a great introduction to Ben. Here is the introduction for Ben (with some minor editing):

“The century mark in birthdays has always been a cause for notice in our society. Willard Scott announcing on the NBC’s Today Show, families having lavish parties for their centurion loved one and a fact checkers always looking for the oldest living human among us. Now according to Wikipedia the longest documented lifespan is that of Jean Calmet of France. She was from 1875 to 1997 which means she died at the age of 122 years and 164 day but is that truly the case? Ben Abba is here to tell us differently. He claims that there are people walking among us today that have reached well beyond, and I am talking WELL BEYOND that number. ”

A podcast of Ben's interview is available HERE.

The link to The Morning X Show With Mike and Amy ’s Myspace page is:

To find out more about Ben Abba, check out his main blog at:, his main podcast channel at :, and his soon to be release book about a 2,800 year old man at: .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ben Abba to Be Interviewed March 10th on "The Morning X Live " with Mike and Amy

Ben Abba is scheduled to appear on the "The Morning X" radio show with Mike Leier and Amy Williamson on Tuesday, March 10th at approximately 11:15AM EDT. The Morning X radio show is broadcast Monday through Friday from 9AM to Noon EDT.

Ben will discuss his experiences with meeting a 2,800 year old man, and his recently released book "Wake Up ... Live the Live You Love: Wake Up Moments of Inspiration" which he co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The link to the show's new Myspace page is:

Video feeds: or The video feed is also available at other places on the web.

The audio feed is available on most wireless networks for cell phones and handheld devices, such as, the Nokia Radio Network, UpSnap, etc.