Thursday, October 11, 2007

When Fact is Stranger than Fiction

Throughout my life, I have seen and experienced things that far overshadowed the science fiction I read growing up in America's Midwest. Still nothing really prepared me for the day I successfully located and made contact with a man who's real age is nearly 2,800 years old.

As crazy as this sounds, I now have to believe that there are people living among us who are 500 years of age, and older. They have blended themselves within our civilization so well, it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from a typical senior citizen.

The gentleman that I have made friends with has spent most of his life in the various countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. And yes, he was living near Jerusalem around 2,000 years ago.

How I found this amazing man is a long story that would take a book just to describe all of the details. For now, let me just say that I used my unique researching skills to find this even more unique man.

I do not know if it is even possible to prove he is older than 150 years. Certainly this has helped him fit in with the rest of us. However, as I spoke with him, the eyewitness accounts of 2,800 years of history make it difficult to believe he is anything but an immortal.

The stories he has to tell are too incredible to ignore. So I am writing them down and am planning to release them in a book someday soon. In the meantime, I will try to figure out what evidence I can find that would prove this man is a real immortal.

Obviously there is no such thing as a Roman Empire Chariot Driver's License or an Israeli Passport signed by King David to rely on for absolute proof. He has a few trinkets older than 2,000 year. And I know, if the opportunity presents itself, I could try to get a blood or saliva sample to perform a DNA test on. However, I could use some advise as to what other forms of evidence I could use to prove someone really is over 150 years old.
I am also asking everyone for questions that I should ask this incredible man about his past. Even if I cannot prove his true age, I certainly can present his eyewitness observations of the birth of our western civilization. And the stories he has told me so far are all priceless. Soon I will be able to share some of them to all of you.


noclue said...

As i read your 2 blogs tha tyou posted up i wonder why is it that you have not yet to explain how you came to you discovery and what made you pursue it. I have stumbled upon your log because i wish to meet a man or woman that is an immortal by saying that, yes do believe in immortality and that anything is possible within our world. As i understand your ethusiasm for sharing your knowledge of your profound story wether it be real or fake the simple question that you could ask is when, where and how his life started? As i aimlessly hope to someday with in this lifetime find to meet something incredible that we only read within mythical tales i know their is always some truth behind it all. If you have truly encountered an immortal i would love to hear the stories. But if you ever were to make a book relating this stories i believe they should say that they came from a person that claims to be an immortal. Simply just because on the first hand no person really ever comes out and says that they are immortal, if they are some outthere then i would think they would choose certain people every couple of centuries to show tell them what they have seen and explored and how they came to be so they can either join them or die with the satisfaction of gaining priceless knowledge. Please respond back

Ben Abba Personal Blog said...

Thank you for your comment. I have been quite slow in updating my blog, but you have inspired me to keep pace.

You asked a lot of good questions, and over time I intend to answer all of them. There is so much information here it has taken me a lot of time to compile and research.

Please stay tune to my blog over the next couple of weeks as I present my answers, although briefly, to some of the topics that you have mentioned, and then as time evolves I will get into more details on each topic.

Anonymous said...

the whole reason Jesus came was to teach us immortality, we are researching this area ourselves, and yes the redeemed live among us. You are a first fruit and truly blessed to have this knowledge given to you from the Holy Spirit, our divine source. This is the dispensation that this knowledge is being released. Our research took us to the Bible, Romans 2:7.