Friday, June 27, 2008

Is Gratitude the Secret to Abundance? And Immortality?

Is it possible, by living your life in a total state of gratitude, of everything that you have, or everything that you are, and for everything that has been given to you, is the secret for attracting abundance in your life?

Is it true that living a life in a constant state of fear, does the opposite and chances away your abundance?

Is it true that living a life of total gratitude, in the mind, heart, the body, and in the heart, will "attract" immortality in our lives?

Perhaps this is the real secret that "The Secret" was all about?


seeker said...

I do not think gratitude is the one and only "Secret" (otherwise, many more people would enjoy abundance and immortality), but certainly an important building block in whatever one wants to achieve.

If we grant the universe (or "god", if you will) some intelligence, it would seem plausible that it delivers more easily to those who, on some level, are grateful for what they are given. That's also what many spiritual books, including "The Secret", say on the general topic of manifesting.

That is a very human perspective of course, assuming human traits for creator force (or whatever). But if we are made in god's image as the bible says, the general idea of this post would seem quite right.

But, as hinted at before, there certainly are other aspects to watch. Like belief. If you do not believe you will be given, all the gratitude in the world will not give you much.

Anonymous said...

Ben, your say that these 250 to 500 year old people have blended into society as typical senior citizens. To me this is a bit limited in the ability scope of a budding immortal. I feel that at some point they would realize the innate, yet often hidden, ability to physically manifest their thoughts into reality through deep trance meditation. Eventually they would start experimenting with this ability and if not make themselves young again at the start, at least transform or remodel aspects of their physical appearance.

The whole idea of a fresh wholefood low calorie diet being a major part of prolonged life seems just like another belief. I think that one could potentially sustain their life indefinitely with out food, water and air if they truly believed they could. It basically breaks down to the idea of mind into matter. What we think and truly believe as fact will become real in the external. So you can see we have centuries upon centuries of programming in us that says "You will die eventually. You must create new versions of yourself to perpetuate the species.". We are living in a virtual death culture. And I should point out that sex for procreation is directly linked to a deep set belief in death. So for any people that want to be physically immortal, think twice before deciding to have children. In a society of physically immortal people, sex for procreation will no longer be practiced.

Anyways this is a discussion that should be had among more and more people. I feel it will be a future trend to discuss physical immortality and ways of achieving it.