Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did the Knights Templar Find the Real “Staff of King David”?

Did such an artifact ever exist?

Did it ever possess any special powers?

And if it does exist, where is it today?

King David Presenting the Sceptre to Solomon by Cornelis De Vos


When I ask the 2,800 year old gentleman, whom I have been writing about, what was the most significant artifact he has ever seen and he describes for me in detail an artifact which he calls the "Staff of King David". I have never heard of such a relic, but it does make sense that the King David of ancient Israel would have a staff or scepter.

By the way this real life immortal described his memories of the Staff of King David, it was very apparent that this was important religious artifact to many. According to him it was the most noteworthy souvenir, he was aware of, which was found by the Knights Templar in ancient Israel. And from what he was told, it held powers similar to those of the Arc of the Covenant.

However, as I searched for any supporting information on this unknown piece of history, I found very little information, except for one interesting tidbit.

This is from Andrew Gough’s Arcadia website:

“This is the story of Will, an informant who in 2006 disclosed his alleged involvement in a covert, state of the art treasure quest off the coast of Oak Island, Nova Scotia …

Before long the team discovered a tubular capsule imprinted with what appeared to be a Knights Templar seal. The capsule, which was made of extremely hard balsa wood and secured with hardened tar, contained 14 crest-wraps each emblazoned with a family crest; one of which appeared to be that of the biblical patriarch King David.

… I personally saw the seals (about 4 ft away). I personally saw the Templar's crest (which looks NOTHING like that crappy Da Vinci Code movie or any junk you see in books; revisionists love creating their own fantasy), the emblazoned / branded wax inset into the wood that said KING DAVID in a language that could only be translated by the highest-ranked Mason I have ever met (the billionaire, himself). I believe he was a Rosicrucian of the highest order. I mean TOP of the chart, or one level into the next step up from Grand Master.

… There is something on Birch Isle that could retire most men, but I am not sure exactly what it is - but I am 100% positive it exists. The staff of King David or some sort of sceptre? There were no plans to return to search for it. The capsule was found, and that was the only goal.”

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