Wednesday, March 18, 2009

128 Year Old Woman Stars on YouTube

I just heard about this YouTube video on the oldest woman on earth (and possbily will become the oldest person alive on record):

Her name is Tuti Yusupova and she is from Uzbekistan. Her records, which she displays on the YouTube video say she is 128 years old!

Here is the BBC video on the same woman:

National Geographic did a special on these long living people from a nearby area of Russia in the January 1973 issue of National Geographic. The article was about the Azerbaijani people who are known to live incredibly long lives and marry after reaching the age of 100 years. This issue of National Geographic also contained an article about the oldest living of the Azerbaijani people, a man named Shirali Mislimov.

In the following year, Time ran this obituary about Shirali Mislimov in its September 1973 issue:

“Shirali Mislimov, Died 1973 at 168 years in Azerbaijan, USSR. On his birthday in 1971 he rose at dawn to do his daily chores in the garden and orchard. Among his well-wishers were doctors who gave him his annual physical and judged his health perfect. He has never been ill, though forced to give up riding horseback recently. At 160 he journeyed to the capital city (his first visit). There a doctor recorded his pulse at 72 and blood pressure at 120/75 but then this was after a three storey climb! He neither smoked or drank. He is survived by his third wife, 107 years old, 219 other family members, including a grandchild aged 100 years.

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