Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ben Abba Revealed More Secrets of Immortality on a Week of Radio Interviews

I ended up having 3 radio interviews scheduled this week; each one turned out to be an interesting adventure.

The first was with the Now and Beyond Radio Show on Monday. However, the host, Marci Lytle is a no-show. SO far I have been unable to contact her. I hope and pray she is OK.

The second show was with Auriela McCarthy of The Power of the Possible Radio Show on Thursday. The interview went great and I had a lot of fun answering a variety of questions from Auriela. I believe this interview will be posted this Sunday on Auriela's podcast radio

The third show was last night with Ms Blue of The Remix. This interview was totally different as I answer some really unusual questions from Ms Blue's audience. I did learn a lot of topics that I will need to further research from her enlightened audience.

Stay tuned for even more radio interviews this next few weeks.

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