Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boy Miraculously Survives 70 Foot Fall - No Broken Bones

Is this possible? Can people, especially a 4 year old boy, survive certain death?

According to this article "Landed by the Hand of God" by By Brian Hamacher and Todd Wright of NBC-Miami, it has happened.

The article describes how a 4 year old named Joey Williams fell 7 stories from a balcony of the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Miami, bounced in a tree, than landed on a hard dirt patch of ground, just missing pipes and sprinklers all over the ground.

Obviously, there is more to surviving certain death than a good diet and plenty of exercise. How this toddler was so "lucky" is something that will be discussed for many years.

However many of us now know it was not luck but something far more powerful and predictable involved. This is another secret of achieving immortality.


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Hi! I own another blog, and i was just browsing.. and i stumbled upon this and i was amazed! You really know your stuff. Thanks for posting this! I'm really in awe.