Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anyone Have Any Samples of These Ancient Symbols / Letters?

Here are some "undeciphered" languages that I am looking for samples of.

I have several "tools" to decipher such languages:

1. "Etruscan" - Despite repeated attempts to decipher this language, very little success has been accomplished to.

2. "The Rohonc Codex" - This codex was discovered in Hungary and it is alleged to contain 10 times more symbols than any other known alphabet.

3. "Linear A" - This is an ancient Minoan script from Crete from around 1900-1800 BC that no one yet has ever deciphered.

4. "Vinca symbols" - This script is believed to be the earliest 'proto-language' known to man. These symbols were found in Hungary in 1875. They are believed to be dated from around 4000.

5. "Rongorongo" - Discovered on Easter Island, scientists are not even sure if it is language.

I am also curious to see if my 2,800 year old friend would recognize any of these symbols. Stay tuned for that answer after I visit him again.

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