Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Interview

Another Reschedule: My interview today has now been rescheduled to next Tuesday, December 13th; possibly at the 7:20PM CET / 3:20PM EST / 12:20PM PST time. Stay tuned for whenever this really happens.

Another Update: My interview by Lisa Grant of the Talk Europe radio network is now scheduled for 9:20PM CET / 5:20PM EST / 2:20PM PST tomorrow (Wednesday), December 7th. I am trying really hard to get another book status update out and I intent to do so on the radio interview. See you all then.

Final Update: There was technical difficulties at the radio station so we will be rescheduling our interview later on; possibly next week.

Update: I may have my time zones wrong. I now have 3:20PM EST and 12:20PM PST. Apologies for missing that one.

I received a surprise request for an interview by Lisa Grant of the Talk Europe radio network at 9:20PM CET / 5:20PM EST / 2:20PM PST on Thursday, November 24th, Thanksgiving Day.

I will be giving another status update on the show.

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