Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Ok, I'm back, again with full steam ahead. 

I finally got something ready to publish: Book 1 - Part 1

Everyone who has pre-purchased the first book is entitled a free copy of this book in electronic form. 
Now on to get Part 2 and the rest of the book released!

Blessings everyone!


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L. S. said...

I just posted the following review of "Secrets of An Immortal" on

Fascinating Subject, Great Read

I first heard of Ben Abba and his amazing story of trying to locate the oldest person alive while I was listening to some podcast interviews. Since that brief introduction, I've checked periodically for the book to become available, so I could learn more. I was very glad to see Part 1 is done and released here, and I quickly bought and read it.

This book far surpassed my expectations. I found it engaging, informative, and entertaining. It gives a good mixture of information on how the lifestyle of the 2,800 year old man contributes to his longevity, and details on some of the incredible things he has witnessed in his long life. If the secret to a long, healthy life is "all in the programming," I'm definitely going to be using the information I learned here to start re-programming myself. I look forward to what I might see in the next 2,800 years!

I would recommend the book for anyone who loves the experience of being alive and wants to lengthen the number of enjoyable years ahead of them.

I want to know more, so I will definitely buy Part 2 when it is ready. Until then, I thank Shojan for his eventual willingness to share some of these details with us, and I thank Mr. Abba for having the tenacity to pursue this important subject and for making the decision to share his findings with the world.

- L. S.