Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Haven't Immortals Come Forward?

Many people would say that immortals do not exist because none have step forward in public and proclaimed they are immortal. A few people have come forward and said they are older than 100 years old; but none have come forward and said they are older than 250 years. So the question I know you are asking is: why haven’t any immortals come out of their closets and presented themselves to a news reporter or public official.

There are actually a simply answer to this question. And after you think about it a while, the answer make sense.

The simple answer is: why should they?

After all, what would any immortal gain from putting themselves into the public spotlight? In ancient times, such an individual if know to others, would probably end up being burned alive as a witch or a heretic. In modern times, such an individual would probably be turned into a lab rat and spend the rest of their lives in constant harassment. After watching on the news the treatment of celebrities by our modern day paparazzi, I don’t blame people for trying to live their lives avoiding publicity.

With the craziness of today’s paparazzi, and people in general, no one would subject themselves to this madness; even for substantial amounts of money. And even if an immortal would need any money (none that I know of do) the amounts that going public would generate would not be worth losing their privacy.

In fact, there really are no true benefits for any immortal to go public with their true identity. However, for the rest of us, there are significant benefits to knowing as much as we can about these immortals. And for that purpose I will persevere in bringing forth all of their life’s stories as possible, while respecting their desires to keeping their identities private.

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