Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Haven't Immortals Come Forward (Part 2)?

In the many fictional accounts of immortals, I have noticed one common theme; their obsession of keeping their immortality a secret. I had always just wondered if it was just to hide themselves from the press so they can live out their lives in private; or somthing more.

The real immortals that I have come in contact with appear to have a similar obsession. I am not sure if they dread the hassles of dealing with nagging reporters, or of they detest being constantly mobbed by obsessive fans. Or perhaps they live in constant fear of being spending an eternity as some one's lab rat with daily rituals of being poked or even tortured for scientific research.

Or even worse, do they do they live in absolute terror of being labeled a heretic or a witch, and subjected to a horrendous death; such as being burned alive tied to a stake. In any case, the immortals that I know, do not reveal their immortality; even to their own families and friends.

So how did I find someone whom I believe is a real immortal? Stay tuned for my next blog post.

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