Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Live to 150 Years or More

It is my belief that if I could model the lifestyle of a person who has successfully lived more years than anyone else, I could extend my own life. So I went searching for the oldest people alive to discover what they did right to accomplish a long and healthy find. This was also my approach to discovering the secret to immortality.

In my quest to solve the riddle of human longevity, I uncovered a few people who have succeeded in living to 150 years and more. While one of the men I encountered had memories of historical events that were priceless; it was his knowledge about how he lived past 150 years that was the real treasure that I was searching for. While it will take a book to describe in detail all that I learn from my conversations with this remarkable man, I am prepared to discuss a few tidbits of the knowledge that I gain from my long discussions with him.

So what is the secret to live to 150 years or more? I know everyone has to have their 5 seconds soundbytes, so to start with, I will give you one. If I could compress all that I learned so far as to how someone could extend our lives into 5 seconds it would be this: “It’s all about the programming”. Now if you are one of those people who need more context to fully understand this secret to immortality, read on.

Here is a list of 7 items that I picked from the "immortals" I met which I believe could take anyone onto the road to immortality.

1. Belief in a Creator – There are several beliefs that are required to extend our lives. However I have noticed a particular belief that is critical to accomplishing both. The most important belief to extending our lives is a belief in a supreme being aka God. If you are stuck on believing that humans are mere biological machines that appeared on Earth by accident; immortality is not for you. However, if you can wake up to the fact that humans are also spiritual beings then you can lift yourself out of becoming planetary road kill and advance onto the path of becoming immortal. All of the “immortals” that I met had a personal relationship with God.

2.Belief in Life Extension - The second most important belief necessary to extend our lives is the conviction that extending our lives is not only possible, but it is our right as a spiritual beings. The mind does control matter and there are millions of examples to prove this. If you have the necessary beliefs, your spirit will automatically frame your lifestyle into extending your life; even to the point of becoming an immortal. All of the “immortals” that I met only believed in life and refused to believe in death.

3. Love – Love is the most powerful energy in our universe and is also the “food” our souls need to grow, to evolve, and to accomplish powerful things. Love comes in many forms and is expressed in many ways. However from what I have learned so far giving love or receiving love feeds our soul. All of the “immortals” that I have met have loving family members, caring friends, and love life in general

4. Attitude – If you can get yourself to comprehend the “beliefs” of extending your life you’re your attitude about living life is important. If you are still struggling with your beliefs, than try to master your outlook on life. You do not need to live life in total denial, but wearing the rose colored glasses as often as you can, to see the positive in life, does help tremendously. All of the “immortals” that I met had a very positive outlook on life and fully believed their minds did much more than control their bodies

5. Energy – More important than food and exercise for human survival is energy. Our bodies require many different kinds of energy to perform all of the incredible tasks that humans perform, including survival. And while it is true that love, food, air, and exercise do give all of our physical bodies’ energy, they give our spiritual bodies energy too. All of “immortals” that I met made it a point to get out into the sun at least once a day, talk to someone at least once a day, and most importantly share a meal with someone at least once a day

6. Exercise – Our physical bodies do require some kind of exercise every day. All of the “immortals” that I have met walked every day; sometimes for many miles.

7. Diet – As we all suspected, what we put into our bodies is critical to our survival. Despite popular belief, all of the “immortals” that I have met are not 100% vegetarians. Instead they all eat a balance diet of vegetables, grains, a little fruit and some meat. However the animal protein they do eat is primarily mutton, fish, and pheasant; making up 10% to 20% of their diets. All of the “immortals” that I have research drank one or two glasses of wine, between meals, every day

There is, of course, much more. However this list is the highlights of what I did discovered so far. And this list should be a great place to start for anyone truly interested in extending their lives. If somehow you can master the concept of programming your life, I believe these 7 items will eventually all fall into place

I am posting this here for the purpose of having an intelligent discourse on this topic. If you are a pseudoskeptic or disinformant: please do not waste our time or yours.

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Nick said...

1. Do you really believe that a personal relationship with a higher power is a key in immortality? Or, maybe it's just a product of the era they came from. I have older people (60's, 70's) in my life and they have personal relationships with God... of course it was the only way they knew, as thinking any other way was going to damn them to hell. Without outside influence to tell them otherwise, and a holy fear above them, I too would chose (brain washed) to believe. I think it's a matter of time when you start seeing atheists living well past 100, especially in European countries.