Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fox's "New Amsterdam" TV Series Status Unclear

The Fox TV Network treated us to 8 episodes of its new TV series "New Amsterdam". This TV show depicted a fictional 300 plus year old immortal who goes by the name of "John Amsterdam". This fictional man became an immortal because of an "ancient spell" cast on him by a Native American girl he rescued during the time when New York City was a Dutch colony known as "New Amsterdam". This fictional immortal spends his life witnessing the birth of New York City and in the present time spends his time and experiencing working as a New York City police detective.

Although this TV series does have a hint of the more famous TV series "The Highlander", there is no swordplay nor decapitating heads. In this new TV series, there is only one immortal and his demons are on the inside and not so much on the outside.

One interesting item that I can relate from this TV series to real life immortals that I am aware is how others deal with the improbability of living past 120 years without showing one's age. In the TV series, people that John Amsterdam meets have great difficulty in believing that anyone can be an immortal, much less live past 150 years. Mr. Amsterdam also has elderly children and grandchildren that appear older than he does. I too have seen a son that appears the same age and possibility older than his father does.

Right now, Fox has stopped showing the "New Amsterdam" TV Series after just 8 episodes; and its fate is currently unclear. Whether Fox does bring "New Amsterdam" back or not, it was a very entertaining look at an immortal's life.

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