Saturday, May 3, 2008

Does the Movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" Offer a Secret to Immortality?

Does "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" offer a hidden secret to obtaining human immortality? It may appear to be a stretch; but yes I believe it does.

I went and saw this new documentary by Ben Stein at the theaters this week. Even though a vast majority of the film critics hated this movie, just like they did the original Star Wars movie when it first came out, I decided to give it a try anyway. Ironically it was one of the best documentaries I ever watched. So I am guessing that the only reason these movie critics didn’t care for “Expelled” is because it was too politically incorrect for them to approve of it.

In case you are not aware of what this movie is about, it basically about how modern day scientists and professors are being shunned from their employers and peers, simply by discussion the topic of “intelligent design”. In other words, this documentary discusses the many possible reasons why free speech is no longer acceptable in the scientific community.

I really did not come here to start my own debate on the topic of human evolution. For I too have been shunned by fellow scientists and my peers in the scientific community on a variety of topics; including the debate on human evolution. I am going to say that this movie did bring home to me another secret of human immortality that I am now willing to share with the rest of you.

Point # 1 - A common belief in a Creator. All of the people I have met or researched that are 100 years of age and older, all have a common belief in the existence of a creator. That is they all believe our universe was the work of an intelligent designer. While their beliefs are not considered scientific evidence, the fact that centenarians, supercentenarians, and immortals all have this one common trait does make a compelling case for the existence of a Creator and that humans are the result of an intelligent design. If there were more evolutionists and Darwinists who lived past 100 years or more, I would have to feel the other way about this fact. However, there are no Darwinists or evolutionists that I have found who have survived as long as these centenarians.

Point # 2 - If “Intelligent design” does exist what is our expiration date? So if we are the result of an intelligent design, what did our Creator design our lifespan to be? I did not see anything from the scientists in the movie “Expelled” to tell me what our age limit should be. There was a discussion about how our cells might have evolved from lower forms of life, or not, but the question of whether any of these cells had a known lifespan was left quite unanswered. In fact, as I search for the answers of what is the “expiration date” of a single cell, the answer various. It various on the type of cell, it various on the type of organism the cell is a part of, and it various on the conditions the cell is subjected to. In other words, none of our cells were ever given an exact expiration date; and under the right conditions many on our cells can live on indefinitely. Could this possibly be a case for “intelligent design”?

Point # 3 - In order to become a real immortal, a belief in intelligent design is a requirement. One item that the movie “Expelled” pointed out in many ways was the frailty of human life and how we often find ourselves killing each other for different reasons. Often the ego of one person can cost the lives of many others, sometimes in the millions. This is proof on the need for a Creator in order to survive on this planet. Without some kind of spiritual intervention odds are we would easily find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have clearly made note of, from my research into the lives of people who have lived past 150 years and more, that they all somehow avoided danger at the right time. When a war broke out or an egomaniac went on the rampage, they all found themselves a safe distance away from the threats to their life. It was clear to me, from their stories of survival, that they all experienced some kind of spiritual intervention at least once in their lives. Many of these supercentenarians attribute their beliefs in God as their real secret to survival. How can any argue their beliefs in an “intelligent designer” when they already have outlived us all?

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