Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is There a Cure for Human Aging on Its Way?

Episode 6 of Achieving Immortality Channel podcast with your host, Benjamin Grundy, is ready and waiting for you.

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Episode 6 will present several articles and blog posts describing a possible cure for human aging. We will then delve into the possibility of immortality from people who know a few thingsabout the possibilities of immortality; and perhaps will reveal a few of their secrets to human longevity.

In Episode 6, Ben Abba will be devulging the secret of immortality and 7 tips of extending our lives from the 2,800 year old man whom Ben Abba has been writing about.

This and a lot more can be heard in Episode 6 of Achieving Immortality podcast radio.

Episode 6 of Achieving Immortality is sponsored by Ben Abba, author of forth coming books: “Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History” and now ““Wake Up! Live the Life You Love - Wake Up Moments - Book 2”.

Both of these books will introduce to the world the possibility that one or more real immortals walk among us and what can learn from them.

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1 comment:

Lastexit said...

I think ppl trying a very healthy way of living is not exactly the answer. Yes it's important in some extent but if I'm asked I would say it's about the power of the mind over matter. After all you are what you think and belive you are. Why not belive you're immortal - okey goes deeper than this but this is the main theme.

Ps. Love the podcasts!