Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Would Someone Be Thankful for Achieving Immortality?

On this American Holiday weekend, I have pondered my many blessings; and what things I would be thankful for by achieving immortality? Here is a short list which I invite all of you to contribute to:

1. A longer life would give one the time to do all of those things we wished we had done with our lives. We all have things that we wish we just had the time or the money or both to do with our lives. A much longer life would at least give us the time to do those things we have struggle most of our lives for a chance to do.

2. Living beyond our years will give our investments a chance to mature into a nice nest egg to retire from. We all wish we could actually make a few dollars from our savings accounts, our 401K's, our investment club's, etc. Giving any investment time, even a simple "passbook savings account" will eventually accumulate money. Some accounts take longer than others. However, if we only had the time to allow our investments to grow, say 50 to 100 years, we could eventually retire, permanently.

3. Extending our lives allows us to see other things grow around us. Many of us would love to see children, grand children ,and possibly great-grand children blossom before our eyes. Isn't it a shame, that most of us never get that chance? Would it not be a blessing if we could have the time to watch and participate in the lives of our offspring and our future generations. Perhaps spending more quality time with them as they begin their new lives?

4. Getting all of our tax money back. One day I sat and calculated how old would I have to be to get back all of my money thatI paid in taxes in the form of social security checks. I figured it would be about when I reached 127 years old. I am sure, by the time I actually reach 127 years of age, that the actual number would be much higher than that. However, the though of living old enough to get back all of my hard earn tax money back into my pocket had a special feeling about it.

5. Receiving that senior discounts, permanently. Ok, this is another money thing, but to many people, this adds up to a nice bonus. Receiving this bonus for 60 to 600 years or more, would bring about a nice little bit of pocket change. Just a nice, pleasant thought.

6. How about learning another career or a new hobby? Some people would like to try a different career or try that other hobby that they have dreamed about. Here is another benefit of receiving those extra years so we could try new things, work a new profession, and in a sense become a different person. With time on your side, all things are possible.

7. With more time on your hands and time on your side, love can become quite interesting. With more time in your life, you can find that special soul-mate, or even soul-mates, to make your new years quite enjoyable.

8. "Time heals all wounds". So the saying goes. Healing old wounds helps us live longer, healthier, and happier lives. With enough time, you can get past those painful memories or injuries.

9. And last but not least, with the extra days in your life, you can finally get the opportunity to clean your house; especially your bedroom; enough to meet your mother's expectations.

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Robin said...

Hi Ben - I like your list!

Especially the last item… laughed at that one.

Cheers - Robin