Friday, December 12, 2008

Here is the Latest Status on Secrets of an Immortal

As you may or may not be aware of, I have decided to write my experiences with the "immortal" that I have successfully made contact with into a book. This was to give my a chance to lay out my experiences into some kind of order for all to read, digest, and make their own conclusions on.

I decided on this approach of telling my story after the encouragement of others who wanted the "whole story" at once and by those who could not accept only fragments of the story as I answered questions on various forums.

So for now, here is the latest status on my attempt to bring this incredible man's life experiences to the rest of the world:

1. The first book of the "Secrets of an Immortal" series is progressing; however there is still some editing left to do. The current target dates are March 1 for the eBook and June 1 for the hardcover. Since I am anxious on “doing everything right”, there is a lot of extra work being performed on this book to make it "right".

2.The hard copy book : “Wake Up! Live the Life You Love – Wake Up Moments of Inspiration”, which I will be sending out as a free gift to all of those that pre-purchase the first "Secrets of an Immortal" book, has just completed final edits and is due to be printed very soon. The co-authors of this book include: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Matt Bacak, Sonja Bendz, Krista Bloom, Maury M Breecher, Pam Garcy, Debra A. Garrison, Ernie Hudson, Onaje O. Johnston, Zachary Levi, Scott Luper, Monica Moo, Gregory Scott Reid, David Salmon, Kathleen E. Sims, Steven Turner, Liz Vassey, and Brian Tracey.

3. The eBook of “Winds of Change” by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, which Ben Abba is also adding as a free gift to all who pre-order the first "Secrets of an Immort" book, is in the final edit phase. The target date for releasing this item is now February 1.

Please keep checking back at this blog the latest status information on this exciting project.

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