Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aging Younger - The Effects of Bad and Good Metals on the Body - Part 3

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This Aging Younger Radio Show continues the discussion of the effects of metals on the human body, including good metals as well as toxic metals.

Today’s episode includes the connection between toxic metals and various diseases. Also a brief discussion on the benefits of good metals, often included in daily vitamins,on improving our health.

The Aging Younger Radio Show is on every Wednesday at 6PM EDT and the creation of David and Stephanie Tibbie, founders of the The Anti-Aging Clinic of Lauderhill, Florida. David is an Endermologist and a medical researcher. Stephanie has a medical background and is a medical researcher as well. Both David and Stephanie have devoted 25 years of their research of the latest developments, science, and therapies; including all modalites of Anti-Aging therapies.

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