Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Are People So Angry About the Possibility of Immortality?

I regularly get a comment or email from someone who is outright angry about physical immortality, human longevity, or thought that there actually are real people living past 250 years of age. When I mentioned that I have successfully located and made contact with someone nearly 2,800 years of age, the anger sometimes turns to rage.

My question to the world is why? Why this rage over something that people can choose to research, investigate, study, and discover; or they can choose to totally ignore.

Perhaps there is a deeper message inside the truth, that death is more of a choice and not a predetermined event.?

Here is a response I gave today to one of these naysayers about my comparisons of Li Ching Yuen, the man who the New York Times reported died in 1933 at 256 years of age.


Why are you so angry? Are you afraid it is true?

A lot of people do not believe that Li Ching Yun was real, and yet here we are.

I took the time and the effort to find people like Li Ching Yun who are still alive today. To my utter surprise I found about a lot of people still alive in the 125 to 250 years of age category including a Native American who is about 150 years of age. I also found about 25 people that are still alive that are much older than 250 years of age; including one gentleman who is nearly 2,800 years of age, which in my opinion makes him an “immortal”.

Since it would take a long time to explain what I discovered in my research and what this man told me as to how he survived so many years without disease or fatal accidents; I have decided to put it into a book form. This is the best way I can present this material for most people to understand.

If you could learn my advanced researching techniques, which took me 15 years to master, in one day; then you could verify my data yourself. Since you probably are not willing to learn these techniques, then you will have to read the material that I will be laying out for you in the best manner I know how.

If you are not interested in learning how to extend your life from someone who has extending their own life by 2,800 years, then just move on. No one will force you into living longer than the 75 years the average person is living today.

Be Well.

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