Saturday, September 12, 2009

"World's Oldest Person", Gertrude Baines, Passes Away on September 11th

Gertrude Baines, who is now the world's oldest person according to the Guiness World Records, died on September 11th at the young age of 115 years.

What was Ms. Baines' secret to her longevity? "Live a life of moderation adn abstention", was what she told those who asked her.

Quoting various articles: "Gertrude Baines once told her physician Dr Charles Witt about her secret of longevity. “She told me that she owes her longevity to the Lord, that she never did drink, she never did smoke and she never did fool around,” Witt said at a party marking her 115th birthday."

"Her vices were crispy bacon, fried chicken and watching the Jerry Springer Show each day."

With the passing of Gertrude Baines, Mary Josephine Ray of New Hampshire now claims the title as the oldest person in the United States according to several news sources.

However, according to the "Gerontology Research Group", the only person (they know of) in the world that is known to be older than Ms. Ray is Kama Chinen of Japan. Kama Chinen is said to be seven days older than Ms. Ray.

As readers of this blog and listeners of my interviews know: according to my research, the oldest living American is about 150 years of age living in Arizona. And the world's oldest person, that I could find and make contact with is nearly 2,800 years of age

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