Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where's the Evidence?

Apparently many of my pseudo-skeptical and pseudo-scientific friends are having great difficulty finding any evidence on my blog of the possibility that people can extend their lives past 122 years of age. While it is good to have skeptical friends, it does trouble me to learn that they have such great difficulty finding the evidence that I have presented on these blogs. So today I am writing this blog post to summarize some of the evidence I have alrteady presented, in an effort to help those who might be challenged reading some of my previous posts and "doing the math" by putting all this evidence together to form the bigger picture.

First I would like to present to you my posts, pointing to people "on record" whom have lived 125 years and more:

128 Year Old Woman Stars on YouTube (128 years young, Tuti Yusupova, becomes a YouTube sensation).

Living More Than 150 Years by Those Who Have Done It (here is a brief list of people, on record, who lived 150 years and more).

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 2

Supercentenarians of Record Who Lived More Than 150 Years - Part 3

Examples of Living Past 150 Years - Li Chang (Ching) Yun (according to the research by New York Times and other publications, this man lived 256 years before he passed away).

Next, I would like to present to you my posts pointing to scientists whom have found bits of evidence that point to the possibility of extending our lives, well beyond what is considered the norms:

Science Extends the Lifespan of Fungus ( a small step with a small creature, but a big step for scientists).

Modern scientists succeed in the quest for immortality (bacteria can live forever in laboratory conditions).

2050 - and Immortality is Within Our Grasp (some scientists believe so).

Can Human Cells be Reprogrammed? (scientists are discovering the possiblity of re-programming our human cells).

Discovering the Secrets of Longevity - Two Scientists are Finding Answers (2 scientists, Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia S. Gavrilova are figuring out, scientifically, how to extend our lives).

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality? (a Korean scientists believes he has found a possible cure for the aging process)

A Cure for Human Aging (Dr. Aubrey de Grey contributes his research and theories on human longevity).

Next, I have several posts that present the possibility we can control our lives, our bodies, and even reach "physical immortality" (if only for a brief moment in our lives):

Skydiver Experiences an Immortal Moment and Cheats Death (the incredible story of Paul Lewis who survived a 2,000 foot fall without a parachute).

Was a Young "Immortal" found in June? (teenager escapes certain death in a major airline crash).

A Child Frozen in Time - Toddler Accidently Discovers the Fountain of Youth (16 year old Brooke Greene ages only 1 month, every year ... could she hold the secrets of immortality?).

Can Our Heart Stop the Aging Process? (a practical theory present by Gregg Braden)

Does the Movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" Offer a Secret to Immortality? (intelligent design is a requirement for achievining physical immortality).

How to Live to 150 Years or More (some commonalities I found in my research that will help us all live longer and healthier lives, regardless of our beliefs in physical immortality).

Absolute, Positive Proof of Human Immortality (yes we have it on record of someone who did beat death, as witnessed by many in the world at that time).

Finally my disclosure of some of the evidence that a man is living among us who could POSSIBLY BE nearly 2,800 years of age:

Learn the Secrets of Immortality from Those Who Have Already Found It.

Where's the Proof?

Where's the Proof (Part 2)?

Where's the Proof (Part 3)?

Where's the Proof (Part 4)

Ironically, after much internal debate, I finally decided to write a book about my research so that friends and naysayers alike could read this important information in a well laid out format. I also decided to go ahead and grant interview requests in order to answer questions to various host and call-in guests to help others better understand my research. These radio interviews helped me understand what information is of the most interest to the public. I really enjoy the conversations and I did learn as much from these interviews as I hopefully gave to their listens.

Hopefully when the book(s) are finally released, we can all better understand this incredible gift that has blessed all of us and the entire world.


Ed said...

Dear Ben,
have you come across the work of Victor Vernon Woolf and his Holodynamics?
I think, when we open to our infinite nature, which is multiple in its dimensions, then we won't set up 'failsafe' in this 4D projected playground, which 'failsafe' delivers us back to to the starting grid! We have 'choice' in what we experience. As infinite expressions, I have no doubt we can bring immortality down to Earth. We already do. We just get hooked on 4D and gross 'physicality' and back to front futile attempts to fulfil the infinite with the finite.
Blessings, dear sir,


Elf said...

Dear Ben,

according to the press the last oldest man who died was Henry Allingham (GB).

Gertrude Baines, who was the oldest person who voted for President Obama, died at age 115 on September 11, 2009.,0,6915924.story

Baines explained that she got that old due to God's grace.
this coincides with the 'Characteristics of Longevity'

furthermore she said - that she never drank alcohol, smoked, or made nonsense.

the world press named G. Baines the world's oldest person as it did with Allingham.

blessings, Elf