Saturday, October 3, 2009

Scientists Find Path to Fountain of Youth

In a recent article on was this interesting tidbit:

"The fountain of youth may exist after all, as a study showed that scientists have discovered means to extend the lifespan of mice and primates.

The key to eternal -- or at least prolonged -- youth lies in genetic manipulation that mimics the health benefits of reducing calorie intake, suggesting that aging and age-related diseases can be treated."


"Scientists have shown since the 1930s that reducing the calorie intake by 30 percent for rats, mice and -- in a more recent finding -- primates can extend their lifespan by 40 percent and have health benefits."

This reminds me of the discussion on the Barbara Walters special "How to Live to 150" where a group called the "CRDs" aka "Calorie Restriction Dieters" whose believe that reducing their food intake greatly extends their lives. I fully believe this is part of my 2,800 year old friend's secret to his longevity.

Besides, eating less food, especially fully loaded fast-food hamburgers, does save money :-)

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Elf said...

dear Ben,
i am sure you are pleased to hear about flwg article:

"Most babies born in the United States and Western Europe today are expected to live to 100 if we continue on the same trend of increased life expectancy, according to a study published in the journal 'Lancet'. 'Very long lives are not the distant privilege of remote future generations — very long lives are the probable destiny of most people alive now,' wrote the study authors, who are from the 'Danish Aging Research Center' .

"Majority of Babies Will Live to 100—How Will They Do It? Rising life expectancy means more of us will live not only longer but better through our senior years", presented by ''U.S. News & World Report'', Living Well, Deborah Kotz, 2. October 2009

I found this article mentioned at the entry of following poll on CEOExpress:

"Would you like to live to age 100?"
you could post there as well.

blessings Elfi