Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin Film - Last Update

In case you have not heard, there is a YouTube video that has captured the interest of many throughout our planet about a unique scene found in an old Charlie Chaplin silent film.

I do not really know if this is true or not, but whatever the case, this is truly mind-boggling.

An unknown person is found in a crowd scene on an old Charlie Chaplin film, titled "The Circus", talking on what looks like a cellphone device. Problem is there were no cellphones or cellphone service in the 1920's.

Still many will claim that this is a freak accident by a delusional person (especially from my biggest fan, follower, and great friend "tacmaster"); but that explanation is more difficult to believe than the possibility of it being a person out of time. Perhaps, someone Photoshopped in this person while putting old Charlie Chaplin films onto DVDs?

What does this have to do with my quest in searching for real life immortals? Simply put, this is going to be another example about evidence. Evidence that cannot be explained on the surface, at least not yet. And until it is absolutely proven to be a fake or fraudulent film clip, it will be interesting to see how those so called scientists - skeptics deal with this yet unexplained phenomenon.

UPDATE - 10/30/2010 -

The latest "explanation" as to what the "lady" was holding in her hand is a "Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid". This device could have been what she was holding, if she was walking with someone. However, have you ever heard of people talking to their own hearing device?

I mean really, people use hearing aids to listen to another; not talk to another person. And the "woman" in the film is clearly not conversing with anyone else on the movie set except for some "invisible" person. So this explanation, while intriguing, does not fully explain what we are observing on the film.

I will be contacting Major Ed Dames about seeing if we can make this interesting film clip into a formal remote viewing project. I will keep you all posted about what we find out.

UPDATE - 11/19/2010

I did a "quick" remote viewing on this target. My "quick" RV sessions are not as thorough or as accurate as a full RV session, but it does quickly give me an idea if the target is worth the time of pursing any further.

What my "quck RV" session came up with is a male stage hand, dressed as a woman, with a listening device in his ear, listening for instructions from the director, mumbling something over and over again. In other words, I now have to believe the critics are right; it really is an old-fashion hearing aid and not a futuristic communications device.

Still it was worth checking out.

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