Sunday, December 19, 2010

Radio Interview at 6PM EST on the Liara Covert Radio Show

I will be interviewed today at 6PM EST on the Liara Covert Radio Show on the BlogTalkRadio network.

We are planning to discuss a variety of new topics today.

It should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

If one then links your passions of remote viewing and Immortality, then one could say that Immortals remote view New Spirit into Being.

They are then constantly resonating and transforming inspiration upon the landscape of earth. They then become high on life because Life and Vision are constantly flowing through them with out blocks and karmic influences. Whatever they vision or view from the remote or from spirit is then invited into being.

Therefore, the viewing or vision, which is no longer remote, is carried as a light or frequency within. They are then born into each moment because something new has been seen in the spirit world for which they are now emanating into existence.

They are eternally young and youthful in appearance, because their is no dis-ease or friction to slow them down. They therefore are receiving endless energy from outside the known universe. This then expands the universe.

D. Jones said...

Have listened to several of your radio interviews. Fascinating.

I stumbled upon

Are you familiar with these folks? Are they in concert with your research? I am uncertain whether this website is valid?

I have realized I must never get bored!