Monday, February 11, 2008

Do Telomeres, Found at the Ends of DNA, Hold the Secret to Immortality?

Molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn's groundbreaking work on telomeric DNA, which launched the field of telomere research: the emergence of a new field of scientific research on the specialized ends of chromosomes and the telomerase enzyme that extends them.

"The surrounding hype succeeded in confusing the role of telemorase in extending the life of a cell with a mechanism that might extend the lifespan of an entire organism."

I have been told this is where I should look for scientific evidence to prove a 2,800 year old man is truly immortal. However, I wonder, if controlling one own telomerase is part of the secret of achieving immortality. From what I can tell, testing the DNA of this living eternal may not prove anything. But like most of you, my curiosity as to what is in his DNA will drive me to getting it tested.

It may take some time to get this DNA sample to the right people for testing, so stay tuned for the day when I can release the results.

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