Wednesday, February 6, 2008

There is No Doubt That There are Anomalies That Classical Science Can Not Explain

"There is no doubt in my mind that there are anomalies, there are things, that are labeled paranormal, that classical science does not have a good explanation for."

This great quote is from a scientists and serious skeptic by the name of Dr. Robert M Schoch. Dr, Schoch is a full-time faculty member at the college of General Studies at Boston University. Dr. Schoch has earned his PhD in geology and geophysics from Yale University. He has an extensive reputation as a scientist who investigates paranormal events as well as ancient cultural monuments from the skeptical point of view. His more recent book which he discusses many of his findings is titled The Parapsychology Revolution".

The point of quoting Dr. Schoch, is how a fellow skeptical scientist is finding out scientifically, what I have found out through my research, about anomalies that science can not explain satisfactorily. Yes I know there have been many attempts to explain phenomena using swamp gas or mass hallucination as the explanation. But for me, and in my research, either explanation is so disingenuous that it borders on delusional. On the hand, Dr. Schoch, like myself, enjoys the critical discussion on what facts do exists and what rational explanations can be made based on those facts.

So to those of you who subscribe to critical thinking and are open to the possibility that answers exist outside of classical science; to these brave souls that are ready to bust a myth or two: I say "Welcome"!

And to those of you who are practice pseudoskepticism, who refuse to believe that something might exist outside of your "box" or view of the world: I say, move on; for there is nothing here for you.

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