Friday, February 15, 2008

I Just Watched "The Man from Earth" Movie

Upon the insistence of several of the posters to my blogs and forums, especially this one, I went ahead and ordered the DVD of The Man From Earth. And as I was watching this movie, I was astonished at how many parallels this movie had with the story I had been telling on my blogs and forums. I was equally amazed at all of the reactions the "friends" were having as they were hearing the story from someone they knew and greatly respected.

In case you have not heard about this movie, let me give you a quick description. It is about a professor who, at his going away party, reveals that he is really a 14,000 year old immortal. Then to the total disbelief of his friends, he describes events he witnessed throughout his 14,000 year life.

I have been telling a story about meeting an immortal who is nearly 2,800 years old. Just as there are many similarities between my story and this fictional movie, there are equally as many differences between the two.

I am not going into the differences here; however after reading the many comments to my blogs; especially this one, I am going to post a better "Summary of the Facts" concerning my 2,800 year old friend. Stay Tuned for this post.

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