Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can Cleaner Air Add Years to Your Life?

Can breathing cleaner air extend your life?

A recent article in USA Today suggested that cleaner air may actually be adding 5 years to your life.

This article states:

"Americans are living nearly three years longer than they were only two decades ago, and they owe up to five months of that longevity to cleaner skies, a study shows."


"Residents of Pittsburgh and Buffalo, which made the biggest gains against pollution, also increased their life spans the most. People there gained almost 3½ extra years, although life expectancy in both cities remains slightly below average. "

My take on this, toxins whether it comes from our diet, our water, or our air do affect our bodies. Taking a trip to get a weekend of fresh air, either "at the coast" or "at the lake" does significantly help my life and those supercentenarians that I have met. Perhaps it will help yours as well.

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Air Cleaner said...

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