Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mysteries of the Mound Builders

What were the ancient Native American shamans’ beliefs about immortality?

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We now have permission from Prophecy Keepers Radio to podcast episodes of their programs that relate to achieving immortality. Prophecy Keepers Radio is a Native American radio program which discusses many of the ancient myseries, current mysteries, and future prophecies from the Native American prospective.

Today we will introduce our first podcast from Prophecy Keepers about the mysteries of the ancient mound builders. This bonus episode is an interview between “Blue Otter” of Prophecy Keepers and Ronald J. Pastore, an archaeologist and Director of the Cave Springs Foundation. Both Blue Otter and Ron Pastore will discuss many topics associated with these ancient mound builders including the “Mound Builder Matrix”, ancient American civilizations, ancient religions, and ancient shamans.

Of special interest to this podcast channel is the discussions about ancient American beliefs concerning immortality that are intermixed all over this interview.

This new episode of Achieving Immortality is sponsored by Ben Abba, author of forth coming books: “Secrets of an Immortal - An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History” and now ““Wake Up! Live the Life You Love - Wake Up Moments of Inspiration”.

Both of these books will introduce to the world the possibility that one or more real immortals walk among us and what can learn from them.

And a special thank you to Blue Otter of Prophecy Keepers for permission to add this podcast to the Achieving Immortality podcast channel.

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