Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did Earth Experience a Poll Shift Around 705 BC?

I recently listened to an interview by George Knapp with Researcher Brent Miller of the Horizon Project. In the interview Brent mentioned the evidence of a possible pole shift believed to have taken place around 705 BC. Brent mentioned that all of the major civilization during the 700's BC times, recorded a day when the sun appeared to stop in the sky and then go backwards, and then resume its normal course; suggesting that the earth had stopped and possibly had a pole shift during that day.

Also, before this event, many of the ancient calendars during that time had the "year" as being 360 days. Sometime after this event, these calendars were readjusted to 365 days which we now have today.

So what does this all have to do with immortals and immortality?

As it turns out, the 2,800 year man that I made friends with distinctly remembers a day when he said "the sun set twice that day". He remembers how strange it felt and how strange it was to see such an event take place. And this immortal fondly remembers using a calendar of 6 months of 60 days each month. I could not figure out how he could have used such a calender of 8 months or 360 days when our year is actually 365 and a fraction of days? That is until I found out about this unusual event around 705 BC. Then it all made sense.

So again, we have found someone that can remembers a piece of history that is not well known and almost unwritten in much of our books.

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