Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ben Abba Revealed More Secrets of Achieving Immortality on Life Without Limitation Radio Show

I had a very enjoyable time last Wednesday being interviewed by Mike Michaud on "Life Without Limitation" program on the Energy Talk Radio network. The show was rebroadcast last Saturday and is now posted as a podcast which you can listen to by finding the link on the left hand side of this blog or click HERE.

The Life Without Limitation show explores stories of miracles, wellness, prosperity and enlightenment through sound meditation and transformational thought processes.

I discussed my inspiring research on supercentenarians of record, using our minds and hearts to control our aging process, some of the common attributes of super-centenarians who are alive today, the possibility of achieving physical immortality, and real life immortals who live among us.

We also discussed the importance of belief among these real super-centenarians and my immortals friends' experiences with the young Leonardo da Vinci.

At the end of the show, I offered to the Life Without Limitation audience a free mantra for achieving immortality.

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