Friday, May 1, 2009

Ben Abba Will Discuss Real Immortals and Physical Immortality on the Journeys With Rebecca Radio Show, Sat May 2nd

Ben Abba is scheduled to make his first appearance on the on the Journeys With Rebecca Radio Show this Saturday, May 2nd at 8PM CDT (9PM EDT, 7PM MDT, & 6PM PDT). The show is hosted by Rebecca Jernigan and is heard live Tuesdays and Saturdays at

Rebecca's radio show topics include:
Paranormal, UFO’s, Metaphysical, Ancient Civilizations, Energy Healing, Psychic Awareness, Consciousness, Spirituality, 2012, Earth Changes, Channeling, Hidden Truths and more...

Ben plans to discuss with Rebecca his research on supercentenarians of record, ancient civilizations, hidden truths, the possibility of physical immortality, and real life immortals who live among us. Ben will be giving the audience some free gifts including a copy of his latest best selling book "Wake Up Moments of Inspiration" which he co-authored with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Tune in for what should be an exciting interview.

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