Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is Achieving Immortality a "Forbidden Topic"?

Last week I listened to the author of "Forbidden Archeology", Michael Cremo, on the Paranormal Palace radio show on the Blog Talk Radio network. Listening to the interview, I was reminded of the many years of research into the "forbidden" science topics starting with "Tesla physics", "Intelligent Design", alternative medicine, remote viewing, and now "human immortality"; that I stumbled upon researching other topics.

Discussing such topics among my peers often starts with distain and ending with censureship of my views; and more importantly my research. It appears now that society has determined what science will prove; and blocks, critizes, attacks, and then censures any science, any facts, that might contradict their view of the world.

I was taught, from the day I was born, that humans evolved from monkeys. I was told that science has already proved such as scientifc fact, and that it should never be questioned. As I "evolved" through life, and began researching topics that interested me, I began to realize that we were all being taught the "beliefs" of prominent scientists of the day; which made me begin to suspicious of what was considered de facto science. Then I became exposed to actual, real-life data that forced me to question the science facts de jour. Soon, through researching topics, I found more scientific data that not only contradicts these established scientific "beliefs" and force me to look at the alternative theories.

Such is the case of human evolution and "Forbidden Archeology". In my life, almost now on a daily basis, I am finding more and more scientific evidence that not only contradicts human evolution, but proves that Darwinism was based on pure speculations that were declared "scientific facts". If anyone wants to truly know the what, the how, and the why human evolution was given the higher status of acceptable science and intelligent design was given the status of speculative religious beliefs, go check out the interesting documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Required"; or better yet check out Michael Cremo's books.

Obviously, we can not, absolutely know what happened on earth thousands, millions, and billions of years ago, because we were not there. Or can we; using the forbidden technique of remote viewing.

I have taken the time to remote view human origins; and perhaps in a future post or a radio interview I will discuss what I "remote viewed" that took place on earth, 4 billion (that's with a "B") years ago.


Teixeira said...

By means that I have no time to explain, I have modified my human nature to a non human nature. Why so? because the properties of my body are very diferent from the properties of a human body!
The conspiracy of silence is the way that autorities and science found to avoid the problematic situation of having an non human beeing living among us.
The facts are so notorious that I couldn´t walk in the streets without having everybody looking at me (my eyes are absolutely fascinating when I´m not hidding my true nature).
Is my body an immortal body? I dont know. And is not easy to prove. But the properties seem to be independent from time translations (as we say in mathematics).
You can ask me anything you want

Elf said...

dear Ben,
looking forward to hear about your rv results on the beginnings of creation.

blessings, Elf

cordieb said...

Interesting information here. My grandmother lived to be 105. Her observations of life were unlike most individuals I have met. Can't wait to hear about the RV. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours, C.