Saturday, November 21, 2009

Liara Covert to Uncover the Secrets of Immortals on Sunday, November 22 at 5:30PM EST

I will be interviewed by Liara Covert to discuss various secrets of "immortals" this Sunday, November 22 at 5:30PM EST on Blog Talk Radio.

Liara has a very interesting radio show that discusses awareness by taking a grasp of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior to shift your consciousness.

Liara sent me a list of questions to answer to get our discussion going. Even though most of the questions truly deserves a lengthy answer, I have attached as a brief of answer as I can give right now.

1) What is your view about immortality?

It is possible and I believe about 25 "immortals", living among us today, have already achieved it.

Why focus on it?

To learn how to extend my own life, the quality of my own life, and to share what I have learn to others who desire to learn the same.

2) How does learning about this give a person a different awareness of reality?

Fear of death gives others control over us. Without fear of death, we become free to live our lives to their fullest.

3) Share any example(s) of your own personal verification of immortality.

A very small sample: walking barefoot on hot cools, surviving a car crash, remote viewing, Li Ching Yuen, locating and making contact with real "immortals", and observing many other death-defying miracles throughout my life.

4) How does an evolving perspective on physical existence accelerate your personal development?

Quite a bit. I now "know" and not just "believe" that we have free will and not just living a predetermined life.

5) Consider the law of attraction. What sorts of individuals do you invite into your life based on your interest and research into immortality?

More enlightened beings or those who choose to evolve and grow in their lives.

6) What is your understanding of the human potential for spontaneous healing?

I am beginning to know that it is not only possible, but it is happening, in many different ways, all around us.

What brings you to such conclusions?

Personal observations and research into such by others.

7) How do you sense spirituality shifting inside you and others in light of what you perceive and learn of immortality?

My beliefs, my lifestyle has considerably changed already due to my research into physical immortality. Also, immortality, is one of many forms of "infinite abundances". when I applied what I have learned in my research of "immortals" to other areas of my life (financial, business, relationships, etc.) i have noticed similar changes in my own life.

8)What is your insight into past lives?

I am well aware of the scientific evidence proving the belief of reincarnation and I have researched my own previous lives, with enough evidence to "know" I personally have reincarnated.

How does this relate to your insight into immortality and longevity?

Good question. I believe it helped me accept the findings of my research into immortals, immortality, and longevity.

9) Why do human beings resist changing views on immortality?

Fear seems to be the answer. Fear that their current beliefs may not be correct. Fear that others could have what they may not have. Fear that they are not "worthy" enough to receive what they truly desire in their own lives.

10) Do you sense a connection between increased self-respect, self-responsibility and longevity?


Are you aware of National Geographic studies on centenarians?

YES! I have had a copy of the January 1973 of NG for many years!

I am looking forward to a very enlightening interview with Liara tomorrow


Anonymous said...

"Fear of death gives others control over us. Without fear of death, we become free to live our lives to their fullest." - a mistaken belief Liara. How can one live their life to the fullest when they must give up their friends every decade or so to the spectre of death? Never having the enjoyment of familial company in the truest sense of the word? It is a naive belief that immortality brings release from earthly fears...

Ben Abba said...

Interesting prospective "Anonymous".

However, as this blog points out, a person who has survived almost 2,800 years on this planet, can live his life at its fullest, despite finding new friends and family every century or so. He considers making new relationships after losing old ones vital to his survival.

Also, it is not that immortality brings release from earthly fears; it is the release of earthly fears that bring about immortality. Walking barefoot on hot coals is the easiest way to prove this.

Anonymous said...

I understand you, but your comment suggests to me that you believe immortality can be achieved through a state of mind and does not necessarily derive itself from a physical origin. But what if it was the opposite? What if someone were physically immortal without ever being aware of their immortality mentally until a significant period of time had elapsed? Then the root of this immortality is physical and not mental. Do you understand my meaning? I do agree with you that lack of fear can reduce or eliminate pain (your hot coals example) but I suggest politely that it does not create a physical transformation into a state of immortality. I would however hypothesize to you that the repetitive grief of losing friends and loved ones over time can be debilitating rather than stimulating to survival. Exposure to grief casts a heavy pallor on one's soul. Repeatedly, it can drag one down into the very depths of hell itself. Sometimes it is better to exist on the edge of relationships my friend then to swirl into the center maelstrom of them...

Ben Abba said...

You bring up some great points "Anonymous"; which are part of the core of my research.

#1. While I have still not obtained any DNA sample from this gentlemen yet, he has confined in me that none of his offspring ever achieved immorality. So, unless he is a physical abnormality, it is unlikely his immortality is purely caused by having the "right genes" at the right time.

#2 While his story to me was that he was not aware of his immortality right away, he did reveal a few tidbits that suggest he was mentally prepared for immortality at a young age (i.e. avoided attending any funerals).

#3 I totally agree that the repetitive grief of losing friends and family members takes its toll on all of us. This has been, and will continue to be, an important item of my research with this man.

#4 He appears to treat each loss as someone who has left his life on a long vacation as oppose to losing someone to death. This is a very difficult lesson for me, but I am attempting to apply this in my own life and observer others who have done the same.

#5 So far through my research, it appears to me that physical immortality is achieved through "programming", or more precisely, "reprogramming" rather than a physical gene or a powerful drug or some kind of incantation. I will keep discussing my research further through this blog and other media that I have access to.