Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who is the Oldest Woman Alive?

I had a great interview by Liara Covert last Sunday where we dug into a lot of topics surrounding the concepts of physical immortality, centenarians, and infinite abundance as they relate to conscious awareness.

As I listened to the podcast from last Sunday's show, I realized I gave some confusing information. We were talking about the " young YouTube woman from Russian", who's real name is Tuti Yusupova, and I mentioned that she was "160 years old". That is incorrect. Her real age is 128 years and she is really from Uzbekistan.

What I believe that I did was confuse her with the oldest woman that I had found in my research, who I estimate to be 160 years of age living in India. I do not know her name, nor have I located her, or made contact with. However, my research says she does exist.

So my question to the world, and especially to those in India, do you know of any elderly ladies living in India who may be as old as 160 years?

Perhaps some of you may have already met this woman, whom may be living among us today.l

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