Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Questions About My Research with a Real Immortal

Answers to questions to received which I would like to share with the rest of you:

How can one live their life to the fullest when they must give up their friends every decade or so to the spectre of death?

However, as this blog points out, a person who has survived almost 2,800 years on this planet, can live his life at its fullest, despite finding new friends and family every century or so. He considers making new relationships after losing old ones vital to his survival.

... Is a naive belief that immortality brings release from earthly fears?

It is not that immortality brings release from earthly fears; it is the release of earthly fears that bring about immortality. Walking barefoot on hot coals is the easiest way to prove this.

What if someone were physically immortal without ever being aware of their immortality mentally until a significant period of time had elapsed?

While I have still not obtained any DNA sample from this gentlemen yet, he has confined in me that none of his offspring ever achieved immorality. So, unless he is a physical abnormality, it is unlikely his immortality is purely caused by having the "right genes" at the right time.

While his story to me was that he was not aware of his immortality right away, he did reveal a few tidbits that suggest he was mentally prepared for immortality at a young age (i.e. avoided attending any funerals).

I would however hypothesize to you that the repetitive grief of losing friends and loved ones over time can be debilitating rather than stimulating to survival. Exposure to grief casts a heavy pallor on one's soul. Repeatedly, it can drag one down into the very depths of hell itself.

I totally agree that the repetitive grief of losing friends and family members takes its toll on all of us. This has been, and will continue to be, an important item of my research with this man.

He appears to treat each loss as someone who has left his life on a long vacation as oppose to losing someone to death. This is a very difficult lesson for me, but I am attempting to apply this in my own life and observer others who have done the same.

So far through my research, it appears to me that physical immortality is achieved through "programming", or more precisely, "reprogramming" rather than a physical gene or a powerful drug or some kind of incantation. I will keep discussing my research further through this blog and other media that I have access to.

Liara Covert sent me a list of questions to answer to get our discussion going. Even though most of the questions truly deserves a lengthy answer, I have attached as a brief of answer as I can give right now.

1) In your research, have you encountered female immortals? (beings in
female bodies).

1 that is near 160 years of age.

If not, have you heard tell of them? Why or why not?

Why only 1 woman so far ... I can only speculate at this time.

2) Do immortals as you know them consciously interconnect amongst

Another shocker ... no!

That is, how do they sense one another?

No, they do not.

Telepathy is one skill that human beings are awakening to within on a
wider scale. This is revolutionizing dialogue. Is this something
immortals in your research use widely?

Not sure, I have evidence of some or partial telepathy; but not fully

3) You say your work background is in the financial sector. What sort of
impact does research into longevity and super-centenarians have on your
view of your livelihood and your sense of true self?

A very positive one once I applied my knowledge of "health abundance"

4) Do you sense you (as a "modern" man) have more of an impact on the
immortals you discover or, would you say they have more of an impact on
your conscious awakening?

I have always sensed that they have a greater impact on me and often
worried how could i return the favor, in so way. Now, as I discussed on
today's show, I can see a possible way to have some positive impact on
them as well.


When the student is ready the teacher will appear; or in our case,
another enlighten being that will solve a problem that needs to be solved.

5) What advice can you offer a person who wants to live forever but does
not wish to trade his soul for immortality?

Start each morning stating firmly, clearly, and from the heart: "I am
an immortal". Reading my blogs & books, listening to my interviews will
help even more.

6) As you sense and accept you live forever, how does this change your
priorities? That is, what lifestyle and belief shifts do you notice
within yourself?

As I stated in interview, my priorities to eat healthier, to reduce the
stress in my life, to choose less stressful work has become a higher
priority for me.

7) How do you see science fiction influences what human beings believe
or disbelieve about lifespans?

In some cases, I believe science fiction has opened the doors and minds
within all of us, to ideas that were "impossible" years ago.

8) More and more people speak of internal energy shifts, and raising
consciousness of abilities they did not consciously know or accept.
Other than evolving views about immortality, what shifts do you sense
within yourself?

More love, less fear, more confidence, less worries, more abundance,
less lack, more energy, less fatigue in my life.

9) How does your research into immortality invite you to face and
overcome different levels of fear and illusion?

Fear of death is a very controlling part of our lives; without that
fear, we feel more free, and act even free-er.

10) What kinds of implications do you sense in society, based on the
information on immortality you are uncovering?

Intense fear of the possibility that immortality is possible has been
quite shocking. The possibility of removing the fear of death is even
more fearful to those who believe death, in particular a shorter lifespan benefits society.


Janni Lloyd said...

Hi Ben. Great work! I heard your interview with Liara yesterday and I'm slowly reading through your blog articles.
I awoke to 'physical death is a choice' in 1992 and have been living and researching physical immortality since. I was a medical doctor then moved into alternative medicine. I've written a paper 'Physical Immortality - the mass possibility' which discusses the area form the medical science, quantum physics, alternative medical and spiritual perspectives - http://vivaever.gaia.com/blog
I'm now in the process of writing a book.
I'm excited to have found your work. The awareness is gaining momentum.
My email is vivaever@bigpond.com
many blessings Janni Lloyd

Ben Abba said...

Welcome Janni!

Great to know that you are out there!

I believe it was around 1992 when i got the "bug" to start searching to find out more about alternative health and what I needed to know to living longer. Coincidence? Maybe not.

In any case, I will definitely be keeping an eye on your research as well and perhaps we can work on a future project together.

Blessings and very Merry Christmas!

Janni Lloyd said...

Thanks Ben. It is exciting all the synchronicities that happen along the way!
I'd be most interested in your feedback on 'Physical Immortality - the mass possibility'. I've written it as a 'symphony of many voices'.
I also have an interesting thread which has been running in the Oprah on - line community since December 2008 'Do you choose life?' http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/95436
I enjoy raising awareness of this choice, and networking.
Merry Christmas to you as well. Enjoy the holidays,
blessings Janni