Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Rebuttal to Those Against Life Extension, Human Longevity, and Physical Immortality.

I am often attacked by those believe "we" do not have enough resources to support the population that we have, by those who believe we have to "let die" or "kill off" our seniors to make room for our youth, by those who firmly believe in Zero Population Growth (ZPG), and by those who live in denial that a Creator (GOD) exists.

I can offer many rebuttals to all of these. Here is a short list:

1. Our planet is a "big" place, our universe is even bigger. There is an infinite amount of space to live and resources for us to survive, on a planet and in our universe if we are smart enough to find them and smart enough to use them intelligently.

2. In order to create a pyramid, we need a large base. To create an even bigger pyramid requires us to have an even bigger base. What this means is as our population expands, so can our means to develop more complex technology, create new energy sources, make better use of the resources that we have, feed more people with less resources. and reach the stars to find more of whatever we need to survive.

3. We need more senior citizens, centenarians, and super-centenarians to help our civilization stop making the same mistakes our predecessors made which we continue to relive. We need those long memories on how we survived the tough times, how we overcame diversity, those unwritten lessons of life, and those moral mistakes our grandparents tried and failed to do. This appears to be a common message I have received from those "ancients" that I have interviewed.

4. We will need more population for our species to survive. Yes, if a fatal disease or attack decimates our population (which is becoming more likely every day) and the more people we have when the attack occurs, the better the chances some will survive and perpetuate our species.

5. If you have any beliefs of a Creator, then you already know we have infinite abundance available for the asking. If you have a belief in higher lifeforms somewhere in our universe, then there has to be available resources in other parts of our universe which could be bartered for with them. In either case, the belief in limited resources is for those who possess "limited minds".

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Serena said...

Great points, Ben! Btw, thank you so much for the book you sent me. I read your pages immediately and was quite impressed. I look forward to reading the rest of the book. Again, many thanks ~