Friday, December 4, 2009

Remote Viewing & Remote Sending Immortals

I had another excellent interview with Dipali of "Awaken to Your Real Self Radio Show" yesterday. This radio show can be found on the Talk Shoe radio network.

However, this time the topic focused on my experiences learning how to perform "remote viewing" and my experiences with "remote sending" and how I used both techniques to successfully locate and make contact with super-centenarians; including real "immortals" living among us today.

I started the show describing how I discovered remote viewing and then began my training with Major Ed Dames to become a professional remote viewer. I also described with some details, my unusual experiences as I remote viewed various targets that Major Dames subjected me to. And then I described how I was taught by Major Dames, either intentionally or by accident, how
to perform "remote sending" and how incredible of a tool it was in my research.

Both incredible skills can be taught to anyone and I have experienced alot of successes using these tools. Check out Dipali's interview on the Talk Shoe radio network for even more details.

I have another interview scheduled this Saturday, December 5th on the "All We Are" radio show on the Blog Talk Radio network. I will review more secrets from these immortals and remote viewing this Saturday.

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