Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can Human Cells be Reprogrammed ?

A recent article in Nature News by Elie Dolgin suggests this is possible:

If fact, this article suggests that
"specialized adult cells made 'immortal' through the blockade of an antitumour pathway can be turned into stem-like cells quickly and efficiently.".

In layman's terms, this mean science is discovering the possibility that human cells could be reprogrammed into achieving immortality.

Perhaps science will figure out what a few people have already discovered?


Victor said...

This seems interesting, but after reading about it for a while, there are different opinions about this. Here have this site to investigate more about it.

In here you will find many articles (science oriented) about many investigation regarding human cells. I know you will find them interesting since its kind of immortality oriented.
Enjoy and have a nice day.

Will said...

Well I think your cells and everything else within your body can be programmed to the point of immortality or a very long life span if you realize or discover the soul within your body. The soul I feel has always been seen as in the religious sense. But ever since I have discovered my soul I have felt differently and gained perspective and intellectual knowledge as well as learning and picking up on things that I was always worse at more quickly. Plus I have realized that I had all of those terrible physical things happen to me so early on in life, including a near death experience, that have strengthened me powerfully. Never broken a bone to this day and have not have a sickness, excluding the common cold, since childhood. And so what I'm saying is hey, maybe I'm one of those immortal Angels..... . <= a seventh sense


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