Monday, August 17, 2009

Skydiver Experiences an Immortal Moment and Cheats Death

From the Sunday Times of UK"

"A skydiver has survived a 2,000ft fall onto the roof of an aircraft hangar after his parachute failed.

Paul Lewis, who is in his forties, was airlifted to hospital with head and neck injuries."


"Lewis is not the only skydiver to have survived a fall. In May James Boole fell 6,000ft into the side of a snow-covered mountain in Russia after he opened his parachute too late while filming a stunt.

One of the most remarkable tales of survival was that of Shayna Richardson, an American skydiving student who fell 10,000ft into a car park after her parachute failed in October 2005. When surgeons operated on her they found she was pregnant. Both she and the baby survived."

An even more remarkable feat is that of Alan Magee, a B-17 ball turret gunner. During WW II, Magee had no choice but to jump out of a disabled, spinning-out-of-control bomber from about 22,000 feet, a drop of more than four miles; without a parachute. And Magee miraculously lived to have his incredible story detailed in a 1981 Smithsonian Magazine on the 10 most amazing survivals during World War II.

Events like this do happen from time to time, to many living among us. The big question is: why do they happen to a select few, when the odds are these people should have most certainly died?

Perhaps, for a mere moment in time, they did achieve immortality. If so, why could they not have extended their moments of immortality, into a lifetime of moments of immortality?


Victor said...

Actually this probably doesn't have to do with immortality moments, but with luck and science. See, this people survived due to the factor that where they fell wasn't hard enough to kill them. Also you mention their parachutes failed, but... in what way? Did they half open? If they did open to a certain point to slow the velocity of the fall and then fell into a material soft enough they could have survived. You talk about the bomber, but did he fell in the sea? Did he manage to land on his feet so he could break the force of the water? Certainly even if they survived they had major injuries. Also you have to remember doctors where involved in the matter of their survival. If they wouldn't have any medical treatment they would have died for sure. I know you are very optimistic about immortality. But let me give you an advice, don't take it personally. You have to be more objective about situations and things you write.
Else, people will not take you seriously. Have a nice day.

Ben Abba said...

Thank you for the post!

I have heard of people who have tripped over something while running or walking and the fall killed them. And I know of people who have survived a 2nd story fall. Whether you call it "luck and science" or "Divine intervention" the truth is, statistically speaking, these people met certain death and survived.

The point of these posts is that there are people out there who, on record, who have beaten the odds of certain death. Their moments of cheating death are easier to prove then those who have cheated death of 1,000 years of more.

Be well, live long, and prosperous!