Friday, August 7, 2009

A Child Frozen in Time - Toddler Accidently Discovers the Fountain of Youth

The TLC channel will be running a special this Sunday at 9PM EDT (8PM CDT, 7PM MDT, 6PM PDT) about a 16 year old trapped in the body of a 16 month year old. In other words a toddler who has essentially stopped aging when she was an infant.

To date, scientists are still baffled as to why the young child, Brooke Greenberg, stopped aging after 16 months. However. she is living proof that the aging process can be stopped within the human body.

While, living her entire life as an infant does not sound like a desirable lifestyle, what we can learn from her could be priceless.

Here are some more articles on this remarkable girl who is literally and figuratively "frozen in time":

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Victor said...

This one was a real shocker. Its like you say, maybe more people are in this state but with more age.